November 4, 2012

ABC Nail Challenge - Jester Ate the King Cake

ABC Nail Challenge
Day 10
Misa Jester Ate the King Cake

Jester Ate the King Cake is a bright pastel yellow jelly-creme, which is shown in 3 coats. Definitely one of my favorite yellows, especially sometimes when I don’t buy many yellows (I feel like it clashes with my skin tone). Bright pastel yellows I feel suit with my skin tone compared to regular bright yellows. 

November 2, 2012

ABC Nail Challenge - IDK

ABC Nail Challenge
Day 9
China Glaze IDK
IDK was a part of the China Glaze OMG Collection in, I believe, 2009. This collection along with Kaleidoscope are one of the most popular and hard to find polishes, minus eBay. IDK is a purple holographic shown in 2 coats. This picture was taken with indirect sunlight. To see its crazy holographic, you can also look at the color under the kitchen stove light. 

November 1, 2012

ABC Nail Challenge - He's Going in Circles

ABC Nail Challenge
Day 8
China Glaze He’s Going in Circles
He’s Going In Circles is a part of the China Glaze Kaleidoscope Collection, which was released around 2009. The nail polishes from this collection is hard to find now, unless you go to eBay and pay more than $10 a bottle. It is easily one of the best collections China Glaze released. The collection contains holographic polishes and He’s Going in Circles is a holographic light green (shown in 2 coats). I love, love, love this polish to death. Another crazy story is that I had this polish a while back and sold it (TERRIBLE ME) but then I had to get my hands on it again (I missed it so much T__T). 

ABC Nail Challenge - Greenport

ABC Nail Challenge
Day 7
Essie Greenport
Greenport was a part of the North Fork Collection a while back. At the time of the collection, I did not pick up any of those, CRAZY RIGHT?! Then I saw a ton of swatches of the polishes and I became jealous and full of regret. But then one day, I was able to swap a polish for this lovely beauty on MUA (MakeUpAlley). And now I’m happy that I finally have it! Greenport is a turquoise creme that is opaque in 2 coats. The formula and application was smooth but the drying time can be improved on this though, but no major complaints!