October 4, 2011

Blue Satin Layering

Hello everyone! I know it's been a long time since I've last posted about my nails, I admit it was really hard to balance 2 jobs and school. I've recently quit my first job (kept my second) because the hours were too little and I was earning more at my second job. So now I have two days a week to have my nails whatever color I like, but the rest of the days, I'll be in "neutral adult" colors for my job. It's retail and it's a bit higher end so they want it to be more professional, but whatever! I still love all my nail polish colors♥ especially my BLUES AND GREENS!

So this is the mani. I'm currently sporting until tomorrow night, before I have to take them off for work. I received on my birthday Chanel Blue Satin and Chanel Peridot. The funny thing is that I already bought Peridot and when he saw them on my nails, he thought to himself, shit... lol. But thankfully he still has the receipt so I can exchange it for another Chanel polish. But nonetheless the thought was sweet. :) He knows what colors look good and he has good taste as well haha.

I used one coat of Chanel Blue Satin on my nails and it's definitely a one coater! :) It's a dark sapphire blue with a hint of blue shimmer. You don't see it much in real life but you definitely see it in the bottle -__-. But I felt it was a bit vampy for me so I layered it with CND Sapphire Sparkle and my bf loved it as much as I did. The other two photos were taken outside even though it was cold, it was sunny so I thought it was perfect to show them off. And the best thing about taking them outside was that you see the blue to purple shift of Sapphire Sparkle!♥♥

Thanks for stopping by and happy polishing! :)


  1. Gorgeous color! Looks great on you!

  2. LOVE these together! So pretty.

  3. Fashion Footing: Thank you :) This is definitely a favorite mani. that I've done.

    Nicole: Thank you! Anything with Sapphire Sparkle would look awesome haha

    ptitemeve: Thanks! (:

  4. That looks amazing! Gorgeous color. :) It has a great dimension where at some angle it doesn't look like it has glitters then at some angle it's seen. :)


  5. Myrted: Thanks so much! :) I agree with you, I stare at my nails constantly and I see it at some angles and I don't at others, definitely a beauty.

  6. I LOVE it with the CND on there. Gorgeous.

  7. rock-or-not: Thanks! :D

    thenailaholic: Thank you! I'm definitely planning to use it more in the future for layering experiment :)

    Leslie K.: Thank you! (:

  8. This is beautiful color and it has some depth in it