February 8, 2010

Sometimes Roller Coasters Aren't Fun.

Short and quick update on my recent nail polish purchase:

I was in a good mood & I just sold 2 textbooks in school so during my break I went to Soho to walk around and browse around. My boyfriend got his shoes that he loves. I on the other hand, got the Kim Kardashian perfume, which smells heavenly beautiful & I managed to get OPI's Holiday Glow and Merry Midnight, yes the holidays are over, but the colors are still beautiful and too good to resist.

I saw on the Sephora by OPI section & the advertisement (the top of the whole section of Sephora by OPI's) had a color that I really love, a gold-ish color sparkly color. The lady said it was limited edition & they no longer had it. I browsed online and found that it's Sephora by OPI Worth My Weight. And now I'm on a mission to get this nail polish. I'm going to try the stores first and my last resort hopefully if it's available on the Sephora website. If not, I'm doomed. :( nevermind.. it's no longer available on Sephora *cries*

(the picture is a picture I found online; Left is Sephora & right is Worth My Weight)

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