November 16, 2010

Chanel + OPI

November 16, 2010

So these were another part of my birthday present, one from my bf and one from my friend. :)♥ Totally awesome because it now adds to my lonely Nouvelle Vague in my collection :P

These were wrapped with white wrapping paper and then individually had a Chanel bow tied around them, so adorable! I wish I got a picture of them wrapped before I tore it apart LOL!

Chanel Soho Collection Steel
black with silver shimmer. I like that the shimmer isn't too big and overpowering on this and it's simple. The mega brownie points came from the fact that it took me only ONE coat for this swatch! :) The application was good and although the formula was a little on the thick side, it helped making it a one coater. :) LOVEEE it?

Chanel Soho Collection Strong
black with purple shimmer. I like the shimmer but it doesn't show that much, it looks so nice on the bottle, rawr! But on the plus side, it's another one coater! :D I freaking LOOOOVE the flash picture of this♥!

IN OTHER NEWS, I ordered Chanel Riva :D ~ I hope I get it soon!!

And in even better news,
100 winners will be receiving a set 6 retired OPI's from OPI!! Isn't that awesome?
- Kinky in Helsinki
- Smokin In Havana
- Hoodoo Voodoo
- Parlez-Vous OPI
- Sahara Sapphire
- Cheyenne Pepper

The only thing is that this is only for US residents :(

To enter, you must 'Like' OPI's Facebook Page, then fill out the entry form for the giveaway & maybe you can refer me! :) [Katherine Wu]

Hope you enjoyed,


  1. Those are so pretty (lol I say this for like almost all of your nailpolish swatches xD)

    But no really..they're beautiful :O!
    Can't wait to see Riva!

  2. Mandy: LOL, that's okay, I'm like that too because there is sooo many pretty ones out there haha! :D

  3. Fabulous! I used you as my referral. :o)