January 13, 2011

The Goodies

I know I said I'd be taking a break from blogging yesterday, but I can't help myself just for today, an amazing package thanks for Martje from Girly Addictions came in today!!!!!♥ (BTW ILYFOREVERRRRRRR hahaha). A while back, I contacted Martje because she has my lemmings, LE Catrice! So I had to swap with her haha. I received an amazing package today and I'm definitely happy, except for one Catrice who didn't make it in one piece here :( the insides bursted from excitement lolol!

First, here are all the nail babies I received:
  • Catrice - Crispy Crimson (Limited Edition Expect the Unexpected Collection)
  • Catrice - Looking Greyt (Limited Edition Expect the Unexpected Collection)
  • Catrice - Purposely Purple (Limited Edition Expect the Unexpected Collection)
  • Catrice - Spruced Up (Limited Edition Expect the Unexpected Collection)
  • Catrice - Berry Bazaar (Limited Edition Caramé Collection)
  • Catrice - Bronzed Brown (Limited Edition Caramé Collection)
  • Catrice - Oriental Orange (Limited Edition Caramé Collection)
  • Catrice - Absolutely Chinchilly!
  • Catrice - Bloody Mary To Go!
  • Catrice - Blue My Mind *casualty of delivery*
  • Catrice - Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans!
  • Catrice - Let's Mauve On!
  • Catrice - Wrapped Around My Finger
  • Essence Color & Go - Absolutely Stylish
  • Essence Color & Go - Choose Me! 
  • Essence Multi Dimension - Midnight Rocker
  • Essence Multi Dimension - Must-Have
  • Essence Multi Dimension - Purple Cherry
  • GOSH - Fix Base Coat
  • GOSH - Holographic

And here's all the awesome extras♥
  • Avène Gentle Milk Cleanser and Gentle Toner
  • Chanel - Hyrdamax + Active Serum (x2)
  • Dr. Van Der Hoog Cocos Mint Masker Masque
  • Hema Lip Gloss 
  • Jil Sander Style Soft perfume sample
  • Juicy Couture's Couture Couture perfume sample
  • Lancome Teint Miracle
  • LipSmacker travel mini Vanille Vanilla
  • TONS of Mentos Fruits♥ & other chocolates & candies
  • Montagne Jeunesse Skin Polisher
  • Pickwick Dutch Tea Blend
  • Vichy Laboratories Reconditioning Care for Dry Feet

And I was in a frankening mode yesterday and here's a sneak peak of the goods:

P.S. My labels were unorganized so I'm re-labeling all my posts, which will take a while, just putting it out there.

hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! & happy polishing :)


  1. Great swap! Martje is a sweetheart! :) Can't wait to see your swatches!

  2. Ivana: Thank you! And she is really a sweetheart♥ I can't wait to swatch them too haha, I think this package makes me take back me saying that I'm going to take a break lol!

  3. wahhh, nice!!!! and those frankens too!

  4. So nice of her! Never heard of that brand (but then again I'm still in my OPI Essie China Glaze world lol). Can't wait to see swatches :]

    Wow 2 chanel serums? Hehe mind sharing how they work for you when you try them? :P

  5. Katrina: Thank you :)

    Mandy: Seriously awesome of her! Yeah it's a European brand sold only in Europe :\ I could only get it through swaps. And yeah I'll let you know how they work but I'm going to research about them first because I don't know what they're used for

  6. Oow nooo "Catrice - Blue My Mind *casualty of delivery*"...I`ll get you a new one!!! Enjoy the goodies :)

  7. Nice goodies girl! Your pink franken looks fantastic!

  8. awesome! your beige franken with gold glitter *i think*...looks sweet. i recently tagged you for an award:

  9. Martje: You don't have to! Yeah I was so sad that it didn't make it lol, the tube part of it broke and it spilled, luckily it wasn't over everything haha. :) I used rubber gloves to prepare to remove carefully too! Thank you so much for an awesome package♥♥

    Freshie: Thank you! I like the pink franken as well except the formula is thin :\

    Amanda: It's actually copper glitter, but I'll post it soon~ ;) and thank you for tagging me!

  10. wow awesome swap!!
    I've also tagged you in stylish blog award: http://ashungyi2l.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-first-award-stylish-blogger-award.html

  11. That's an awesome package! Too bad one polish didn't survive the trip..

  12. carissakuo: Thank you and thank you for the award!! :)

    Sylvia: Thank you! :) And yeah I'm sad but it's also funny the way I worded it :P