January 24, 2011

Sisterhood of the Nail Polish Lovers

I deleted the previous post because I forgot to say that in order to be able to enter in to try and get Manhattan 610K, you must be a GFC follower with a blog. You must comment with your GFC follower name, blog url, email and where you're located. THANKS! 
So if you already entered, I'll notify you via email to enter again, my apologies!! 
Please note that you aren't actually keeping the nail polish forever, but passing it along to another person :P

Today I'm sharing a great experience from the nail polish blogging world. You've probably heard about it before from other blogs, such as Kesha's Nail Polish Obsession, Sammy's The Nailasaurus, Jenny's Polishology and Jessika's Polish Insomniac. No, it's not the sisterhood of the traveling pants! :P Yeah, that's right, it's MANHATTAN 610K; the traveling nail polish! :) It first started with Kesha in Germany which later traveled to Sammy in the UK then it made its way to the US with Jenny and Jessika. It's luckily in my hands now and here's my take on Manhattan 610K. Kesha keeps an update on Manhattan 610K's location so you'll see from both of us, to see where it goes next! :)

Manhattan 610K is a medium deep purple creme. I love the color and I wish it was mine forever! But it will make its way to another nail polish lover's hands :) I used 2 coats of Manhattan 610K in the first few swatch pictures and then I used it as the base of my nail art mani. Cupcake design! Yes you've probably seen it before but here's my cupcake designs. Trust me, this is my first time doing it so it took me a while to get the hang of it. :P But don't worry, I practiced with a different base beforehand (still takes getting used to a new design)! Anyways, I used China Glaze For Audrey, Lemon Fizz and Something Sweet as well as OPI Rumple's Wiggin' for the cupcake toppings. :P I also made sprinkles out of those colors and Manhattan 610K, alternating a color out depending on its cupcake topping color.

If you're interested in receiving Manhattan 610K next, 
Please comment with your GFC follower name, blog url, email & where you are located.
Anyone with that's a follower with a GFC name & blog can enter no matter where you are located!
I'll be taking entries until February 5th, 2011.

Stay tuned and find out who will get Manhattan 610K next. :)

Hope you enjoyed & happy polishing! :)


  1. Great color, cupcakes looks cute :)

  2. GFC name - Orlica
    orlica91 [at] wp.pl
    I'm from Poland ;)

  3. Gfc: Melanie

    Email: guitarrocker24@sbcglobal.net

    Blog: thenailventuress.blogspot.com

    I'm from Chicago :)

  4. GFC: Carolina
    Email: coloresdecsarol@gmail.com
    Blog: http://coloresdecarol.blogspot.com
    I'm from Connecticut USA

  5. GFC: Jennifer Leigh
    Email: jen@echoside.net
    Blog: http://echosidestyle.blogspot.com

    I'm in Michigan, USA

  6. Gfc: Antoszewskia
    email: Antoszewskia(at)yahoo (dot) com
    Location: THE CITY OF CHAMPIONS: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!

  7. GFC: Never ending obsession (real name is Lisa)
    Email: lnlankshear4@hotmail.com
    Blog: www.neverendingobsession.blogspot.com
    Location: New Zealand :)
    I am also keen to do a swap if you want any BYS polishes, to make it more worth your while

  8. Hi!

    I'm a gfc follower (Sylvia)
    Email: sylviadevries222[at]gmail[dot]com
    My blog: www.nailartcreations.blogspot.com
    I'm from the Netherlands!

  9. Hey i'd love to enter
    i'm a gfc follower: you nailed it!
    my blog: you-nailed-it.blogspot.com
    email; reneequekel at hotmail dot com

    i'm from the netherlands


  10. i'd like to enter :-)
    i follow via gfc as nail crazy,
    email is nailcrazy69@gmail.com
    my blog address:
    Croatia :-)

  11. This is so cool!!! I want to be apart of this!

    Name: Tara
    Email: tnchao89@gmail.com
    Blog: Beneaththesunn.blogspot.com
    Location: Alabama, USA baby!

  12. Yay for a traveling polish! Again, love the cupcake! Kekeke.

    GFC - omgnoodles
    Email - omgoshnoodles [at] gmail [dot] com
    Blog - http://omgnoodles.blogspot.com/
    Location - California

  13. Wooptiedooo commenting again, love the idea of a traveling polish :)

    GFC; Martje
    email; martjebr@yahoo.com
    blog; http://girly-addictions.blogspot.com/
    Location; middle of nowhere...ow wait the Netherlands

  14. I follow you via GFC as *Fleur*, my email is fleurs dot nails at gmail dot com. I'd loooove to get this polish and I love the idea of bringing together the nail blogging community with a polish. I'm from Slovenia and I have a blog - http://fleurs-stuff.blogspot.com/

  15. Hi! I would love to enter this sisterhood!

    GFC: Helena (All About My Nails)
    email: helenails[@]hotmail.com
    blog: http://AllAboutMyNails.blogspot.com/
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal

  16. I love your cupcake design! They are so adorable and the purple looks perfect for them!

    GFC: Nikki's Nail Files
    email: server340@hotmail.com
    blog: http://nikkisnailfiles.blogspot.com
    Location: Pennsylvania, USA

  17. Ok, I think I got this GFC thing worked out now. LOL. Thanks Katherine!

    GFC: pantastic
    email: panphilatan @yahoo.com
    blog: http://omgpan.blogspot.com
    location: Bay Area, CA

  18. GFC: Annie
    email: polishthis@gmail.com
    blog: http://polishthis.blogspot.com
    location: Finland

  19. I'm too late to enter but I just wanted to say that the cupcake nails are adorable!

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