March 19, 2011

Current Nails + Picture

Today's finally a nail post! This is my current nails right now (I just took a picture with my phone). I hope you enjoy but I'm also planning on doing some nail art, which I haven't thought of anything yet but hopefully it will come to me!

This is 2 coats of China Glaze First Mate and 1 layer of top coat. My accent (ring) nail is OPI Simmer & Shimmer, displayed is 2 coats and 2 layer of top coat. =) 

And here's a picture of my baby cousin. After I took a picture of her she kept saying "mile. mile" (her way of saying smile - to take a picture, because she can't say smile lol). The stuffed animal is called Piyo Piyo and I gave that to her since I had too many stuffed animals from when I was younger.

Hope you enjoyed & don't forget to enter into my giveaway!


  1. Lovely mani and your cousin is sooooooooo cute! <3

  2. Love the accent nail! And your cousin is wayyy too cute!

  3. awww mani is awesone.. and cousin is soo cute!!

  4. That is a pretty mani. I love, love, love Simmer and Shimmer. :D

    Your little cousin is adorable. *melts from cuteness*

  5. That blue is pretty and you paired the accent glitter nicely. Your little cousin is adorable!

  6. i SERIOUSLY loooove your handwriting! *from your post from below. your baby cousin is soo cute! & her Piyo Piyo!~ and... i neeeeed to go get First Mate~ ahaha

  7. Ivana: Thank you & she is so cute that everyone spoils her, especially me ^^;

    tasha~: Thankss =) I tried to find a different blue glitter other than OPI Absolutely Alice and China Glaze Dorothy Who? :P

    laheelahee: =) thanks!

    Pretty: Thank you!! ^^

    Ice Queen: Simmer and Shimmer was one of my favorites from the Burlesque collection out of all of them haha! And thanks! She's definitely adorable! She knows what to say to make people laugh.

    Megan: Thanks! =)

    Katrina: Thank you! I like your handwriting too, it's really cute haha. Lol I actually got some of the collection and decided not to get First Mate then I changed my mind and ordered it haha!