February 6, 2011


Manhattan 610K entries are now in and I will input everything and get a winner soon. :) On other GOOD news today, other than the SUPERBOWL, GLEE is finally coming back! It's one of my favorite shows and to celebrate its comeback, here's a mani. that I did especially since I was able to pick up a bottle from Sephora - one from the Glee collection by Sephora by OPI Glee.

Sephora by OPI Gleek Out
3 coats because it was a bit on the sheer side and just to be safe from vnl. I free handed the letters with a nail art brush. It's a lime green but probably darker than OPI Simply Smashing from Serena Williams. 

hope you enjoyed & happy polishing!


  1. Oh can't wait to see who gets the Manhattan. Your Glee mani it cute, great job on free handing the letter mine would of been all over the place LOL

  2. Kesha: Thanks! I CC'd you in the email for the next person who gets Manahttan just to keep you updated! =) I did them in strokes and took more time to make it look neater :P