February 4, 2011

Lunar New Year

Here's my Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) mani. :)

OPI DS Reflection is a golden red with pink holographic polish. The holo doesn't appear that much as other DS polishes though, but nonetheless still beautiful! :) The mani. has 2 coats of Reflection and 1 coat of top coat. And since it's the year of the rabbit, I added that to my mani. (don't mind the emo smudge eye LMAO). Originally I wanted to use the nail art to write the Chinese characters but it doesn't work that well and my nails are not wide enough for me to have enough space. :(

hope you enjoyed & happy polishing!
don't forget that Manhattan 610K is ending today! (check out the sidebar!)



  1. that bunny is adorable !
    - kathy ♥

  2. mrsrexy: Thank you! :)

    Kathy: Thanks so much! =)♥~

  3. how cute! and i love the ring!~

  4. Katrina: Thanks & the ring was from Charlotte Russe. I checked the store and they didn't have it so I ordered it online. They sent me a medium sized box for 4 rings and they didn't wrap it or anything. They just put it in there with the order sheet and that's it. :X

  5. gah! that rabbit is SO CUTE! love it

  6. super cute nails!

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  7. Martje: Thank you!♥

    Lalica: Thanks so much! :)

    Biba: I'm glad you liked it a lot! :D

    Scandalous: Thanks! =)

    nail crazy: I'm happy you love it! ;)

    RinnieRiot: Thank you for the compliment as well as the award! :D