February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to those who celebrate or does something special on this day. :) I spent my morning at work until 2 and then had lunch with the bf :) walked around and shopped around-ish. Saw this cute bag at Aldo which I'm sooooo going to buy the next time I'm near my workplace, lol. Anyways no Valentine's Day mani. but I do have a nail wheel full of colors. These nail polishes were brought back to me from Bangladesh from my bf. :) I love the colors despite wonky brushes and weird-ish formula. But the colors came out great and I don't even know which ones to use first! :P So hard to choose!!

1-5 were from the same brand and I love the formula
I also looooove 8-13! Definitely awesome metallic streaky finish which came out nice. During the process of swatching, it didn't look as nice until the finish product! 

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day! & happy polishing!


  1. The colors are beautiful! I say start with the glitter #5!

  2. I agree with Shadow
    But the metallic ones are so pretty too!
    How nice of your bf to contribute so much to your collection :P

  3. happy valentine's day! #5 looks fun :)

  4. Shadow: Thanks! & I probably will haha!

    Pretty: Thank you! :) I wish he brought more of those brands back :( They're made in Turkey.

    Mandy: I know! He promised me he'd bring back a lot. His mom thought it was funny that he was buying back nail polishes for me when she was bringing nail polishes to Bangladesh :P

    Amanda: Happy belated Valentine's Day to you too! :) And thanks! I'm thinking about using it now since a lot of you girls suggested it and like it most! =)