May 27, 2011


Hey everyone! I'm super duper excited because I'm FINALLY done with school and finals and summer is HERE for me! WHOOOOO ;)

Now on to nails - here's the lastest mani. that I've been sporting.

First I used Catrice Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans, which is a medium denim blue creme with blue shimmer that's kind of hidden, in two coats. 

* sorry for the partially blurry picture, my camera is still acting up & I don't notice it until I've resized the picture, BLAH. {seriously need to invest in a better camera -.-; }

moving on.... I then layered Nfu Oh #51 on top of HQWBJ for this awesome layer mani. that I topped off with top coat :)

I wanted to take pictures of the different colors but my room lighting isn't letting that happen, blah! 

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed and happy polishing! :D


  1. I love When Queens Wear Blue Jeans and it looks great with the Nfu-Oh layered as well!

  2. The Nfu Oh on top looks so gorgeous!

  3. So pretty! Flakies can be quite frustrating to photograph--my camera can't see them as well as I wish it could.

  4. Love the Catrice, and of course the Nfu-oh!

  5. Varnish Vixen: I love it too but I wish the blue shimmer showed more. :( and thanks! :)

    heartNAT: Thank you! (:

    KarenD: I know, and especially since my camera is half stupid -.-! But that's why I must save up for a better camera

    L: Definitely! Ever since I was able to get my hands on some Catrice, I love them! And I would definitely like to expand my collection of Nfu Oh, since 51 is the only one I have :(