May 26, 2011

Wish I Had A Private Jet

So I got this idea from Kris (My Lucid Bubble) on creating a holographic polish with a pigment called SpectraFlair - I immediately ordered myself 1 gram of that pigment because I wanted to re-create OPI My Private Jet the holographic version. Check out Kris' post here & there's a lot to read about the pigment and her version there! SpectraFlair can be found on Ebay and Kris got hers for $14, and I paid $15 because the guy raised the price. (-_-;) I'm planning on trying to make other holo's with this baby :P

Here's OPI My Private Jet the scattered brown version that I have which is shown with 2 coats of MPJ and 1 layer of top coat.

NOW here's my version with SpectraFlair that I call Wish I Had A Private Jet - I filled an empty bottle with half of the original MPJ I had and then added a small scoop of SpectraFlair Silver. My version is a bit of a dustier version of the original MPJ that I own - I'm guessing it's because of the silver powder but still looks AWESOMEEEEEE. I tried to make my camera cooperate and take non-blurry pictures so I could show you the awesomenessssss.

Hope you enjoyed and happy polishing!


  1. Oh my that is gorgeous!Looks like a magical starry night. There should seriously be polishes out there to that look like this to buy, love it!

  2. Olivia: Thanks! And there actually is, but it's REALLY expensive and hard to find. I've only seen it on Ebay :(

    Jackie S.: THanks!! :)

    Ice Queen: I do too! I'll probably mix more too haha!

    Toesthattwinkle!: Thank you (:

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  4. This is genius! It looks so good!

  5. Ugh! Beautiful franken! I wish I got my nails on some of that Spectra Flair when I had the chance =|

  6. heartNAT: The last time I checked eBay it was still there but the seller raised the price AGAIN -.-

  7. Me too I bought that pigment right after reading the post on My Lucid Bubble, but now seller sells it at $22 per gram >:¬(

  8. Smaltoitaliano: Yeah, I bet because he realized that he would be making money because people started buying it. :\