August 25, 2011

Chunky Holo Scarlet

Hello there! I hope you aren't getting tired of seeing Kleancolor, but I do have 2 more to show you so please bear with me and it will be worth while after seeing these posts! :P Today's post is about Kleancolor Chunky Holo Scarlet which is a black jelly base with 'holo' glitter. It's not 'holo' at all in my opinion because it only displays one color, red/scarlet LOL. But still I like it and I layered it over 1 coat of Zoya Raven.

I hope you all enjoyed & happy polishing :)


  1. VERY pretty! I'm not getting tired of seeing these, but I am getting jealous. LOL

  2. Looks gorgeous on you. I think these chunky glitters are awesome for layering and love to see the different combos out there!

  3. I'm not tired at all! Keep em coming!

  4. rock-or-not: Thank you! :D

    Megan Harmeyer: LOL! Don't worry, everyone will have a chance haha. And thanks! :)

    mrsrexy: Thank you and yes definitely awesome layering polishes! I'd definitely like to try out different color combinations as well.

    NY*NAIL*DIVA: Thank you haha! Don't worry there's one more ;)

  5. i'm not tired of seeing these photos. but could you post a pic showing the bottles themselves? i'm curious what they look like.

  6. miemiemie: No problem, that will be shown tomorrow =)