August 26, 2011

City Never Sleeps

Hello there! Don't worry today's the last post about Kleancolor for now! :P Today's post is Kleancolor City Never Sleeps, which is a light black jelly base with small blue round glitters, gold and purple hex glitters. I layered 2 coats of City Never Sleeps over 1 layer of Zoya Raven.

I hope you enjoyed & happy polishing :)


  1. i think i'm gonna have to get myself a bunch of kleancolors after seeing your last few posts!

  2. Great combo!!
    I love it like that!

  3. Paulina: Thanks! :)

    Manicure Addict: Just hold out for a little longer and you'll see ;)

    rock-or-not: Thank you :D

  4. beautiful! :) I'm wondering how will look with matte topcoat :)

  5. Kleancolor has such great colors! Beautiful swatches

    I follow your blog now for a pretty long time and maybe you followed mine on Melaniesnailpolish (The Color Palette), but I moved to a new blog that fits my ideas. Maybe you would like to take a look at
    Maybe I see you there :)

  6. misaya: I should try that :3

    Melanie: Thanks for following and I'll definitely follow back. And thanks~ they are beauutiful and I'd try more in the future =)

  7. this is one lovely combo! Ive never try Kleancolor before and would love to hunt this down here in vanc.

  8. Silence is Loud: Thanks! I hope you get to try them, either from my giveaway or if you can find them in your area :)