August 17, 2011

[PW] + Nail De Royale Review Part 2

Hi everyone! I hope you're doing well and enjoying your week so far. Today's post includes my Nail De Royale second part review as well as tackling Pink Wednesdays at the same time so I hope you'll enjoy. :) If you haven't read my first part of the review, you can read it here. If you've read, Nail De Royale contacted me asking if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their products that they have available on their website and of course me; I never really had the honor of doing reviews for companies said yes!, was happy to do a review. This review is my honest opinion and I am not influenced in any way to give a review a certain way.

The second part of my review package were 2 jars of glitter - Isis 151507 Deshret and Isis 151510 Pschent. Deshret. I was really excited for these because that way I'm able to make frankens(!!♥♥) with them :D!

First is Isis Deshret, which contains red micro glitters and gold hex glitters. I've created a franken with Deshret by adding clear polish, OPI Bright Lights-Big Color and OPI DS Reflection which both polishes gave it a coral red with golden shimmer to the base. You can kind of see the red micro glitters compared to Royale Pink, which is why I like this franken a lot. This was 2 coats and 2 layers of top coat. The application and drying time was good but it was a little bit bumpier, but that's expected with hex glitters most of the time. I really think this is an awesome franken, and I haven't named it yet... perhaps anyone would like to name it?

Next is Pschent, which contains pink micro glitter and silver hex glitters. I added Pschent to clear polish and China Glaze Something Sweet to create a light bubble gum pink (slightly) jelly with silver hex glitters, though you can't see the red micro glitters much and decided to name it Royale Pink, which seems fitting :P This was 3 coats and 1 layer of top coat. You could do 2 coats, which I was semi-satisfied with but it showed the free edge as a white rectangle across my nails so I decided to cover that with another layer.

Overall, I really like the products that Nail De Royale has to offer, especially Isis which is only $2.99 a jar - and I'm definitely going to order more in the future for some frankens! Perhaps maybe I'll be able to create multiples of the same ones that maybe my followers/readers would like and I'd take requests as well, though I'm not a great frankenist. :P I also loooove the customer service that they give as well, they were really friendly and we talked throughout the process before I received my review package. I love their packaging as well because they used saran wrap over the polishes/jars and then wrapped it again with bubble wrap. This shows that they are careful and that they put care into their packaging when sending their orders out. :)

If you haven't noticed, I decided to use a different watermark, LOL. I get tired of things sometimes and then I start wanting to use something new so TADAAAA!

Hope you all enjoyed, happy polishing & happy Pink Wednesday! :)


  1. Omg, I love your unnamed franken! And cute watermark!

  2. I like both of your manicure! Really pretty colors together:) And funny watermark:D:D You've got blog award at my blog! Check out!:)

  3. purplegreenpanda: Perhaps I shall make another mini one of that ;) Thank you! :)

    rock-or-not: Thank you!!! ♥ :D

    Super cute super easy: Thank you so much! And haha thanks!