April 16, 2010

Cotton Candy, YUM?

For last week, I swatched OPI Mad as a Hatter. It's clear polish with multi colored micro glitter. For the swatch picture, it took me 3 coats without top coat. I thought that I should put a base color under but when I tried it on a plastic tip to test out, it didn't look as nice. So I kept my swatch for the day and liked it. The colors are so crazy. It's hard to make the glitter cover every area equally though. But very easy to remove. One of my favorites :).

Sephora by OPI Leaf Him at the Alter. Two coats and top coat. Easy application and dries quickly. I don't own any greens like this and I love this color! Shiny and smooth. Not very streaky looking. I added a little yellow nail art also. :)

Today, I stopped by Claire's for earring backings and decided to look at the nail polishes {buy one get one 50% off!}. I fell in love with Fresh Water (right) and I saw the Cotton Candy polish - I was so astonished that someone could make nail polish smell a certain way.

Cotton Candy, 3 coats and no top coat. Very sheer light shimmery blue with micro glitter and circle glitter pieces. You'd probably need more coats in order to cover up the white ends or use this over another color. I love the color though and very easy to apply. :) Oddly, it did smell like cotton candy. But it still had the usual nail polish smell from it also. It's a lot bearable compared to the regular nail polish smell. :\

Fresh Water, 3 coats and no top coat. I absolutely love the bottle color and decided to get it. The formula is sheer but very beautiful. Probably need more coats but still a very nice color. Dries very quick so it won't take up too much time if you do more coats.

Overall both Claire's were sheer and thin, but they dried quick and easily applied. Not bad for Claire's and I'd go back to buy some more to try out. :)

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