April 23, 2010

Stellare Notte from my love, hehe

I wasn't in a great mood on Wednesday. And on Thursday, my boyfriend decided to make me feel better by buying me a bottle of nail polish from Duane Reade. He got me Borghese Stellare Notte! Though it's only one, his intentions made me happier and brought my mood up :)♥. So I decided to swatch it today before I cut my nails since my nails are uneven and I want to grow them back asap! The color is so unique. It's a charcoal with duo shimmer of purple, blue and green. The swatch shows two coats of Stellare Notte with no top coat. It's definitely a beautiful color and a favorite!

Glitter Gradient with Borghese Stellar Notte
& provided tutorial! :)

(1.) prep nails and put base coat on

(2.) two coats of Stellare Notte

(3.) when it's dry and using your silver glitter nail art, make a silver tip. it doesn't matter the size of it, but if you make it at this size the gradient is bigger.

(4.) before it dries and using CoverGirl Boundless Color Disco Dazzle or anything similar, use the brush from the end of the nail and brush on the nail towards your cuticles.

(5.) after it's dry, put your top coat to seal it.

hope you enjoyed the stellare notte glitter gradient & post comments with your gradients :)

On a side note, I sent out my old nails polishes for the Zoya exchange today! I'm excited to receive the 20 bottles of Zoya I picked out.

have a great day and see you soon!


  1. I love that gradient looks like the night sky! Very pretty. :)

  2. Thanks Stephanie! :) I'm so glad you like it & it really makes me want to get more Borghese! Haha. Have you heard about the Zoya Polish Exchange? If you have any old nail polishes lying around, you should do it! I just sent in my 20 bottles :D

  3. ooh! post when you get your Zoya's in! i wanna see how long it'll take! haha and i got my Poshe basecoat @ Sally's.

  4. Katrina, I'll definitely post when I get my Zoya's :). Oh darn, there's no Sally's where I am. :\ Hm, maybe I'll get it online. Thanks! :D

  5. lovely combo !!
    i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!

  6. Lily, thank you! :)
    I just entered for your giveaway, I hope I win :)