April 22, 2010

Quest for YELLOW nail polish!

Heart tips on ring finger and french on the other fingers. I couldn't think of another way of describing it, lol. Since I'm a righty, it's easier for me to do the nail art on my left hand rather than the opposite. My nail art isn't as nice on my right hand & the heart isn't as nice looking as my left. The glittler outer part of the heart is thicker than the other side :(. On the bright side, it still looks like a heart.

So after I prepped my nails & applied base coat, I used Essie's Mint Candy Apple. Be careful with this polish because although the color looks nice and the formula is good and thin, the application is tougher than you think because you have to make it equal. Though the first coat might not look equal, be sure to make your second coat equal. I used 2 coats of MCA and then applied a top coat. When it dried, I drew the outline of the heart on the ends of my ring finger, filled in the heart and applied a gold outline over the white heart. Wait until it dries & seal it with top coat again for the finishing touch.

Walgreen Mini Haul/Purchase

first swatch picture is 4 coats & no top coat
second swatch picture is 5 coats & no top coat
Rimmel London French Rose. Sheer jelly light pink chiffon - I bought this color because I needed a french manicure/pedicure color. I never tried this brand and the brush size really surprised me, lol. The formula is sheer and the application is smooth. Doesn't dry as fast as OPI, Essie or China Glaze but not bad in terms of waiting for my nails to dry.

Sinful Colors Rise and Shine: 2 coats and 1 coat of top coat
Turquoise with shimmer - reminds me of China Glaze's Tuned Up Turquoise, unfortunately I don't have that bottle anymore so I can't do a comparison swatch - maybe in the future if I remember. The formula was good and the application goes smoothly. The only thing I didn't like was that a lot of nail polish gets on the brush and the rod that holds the brush and there's always a ball of nail polish rolling down from the brush. :\ But it dries quick and when it's dry it looks like a matte polish but looks better with top coat. Love the color & if you're looking for something similar to CG Tuned Up Turquoise, this should be your color. :)

Sinful Colors Mint Apple: 2 coats and 1 coat of top coat
Dusty mint jade with small gold shimmer - similar to Sinful Colors Rise and Shine but just a lighter and dustier shade. Not really that close to Mint Candy Apple although the name is has 2 of the 3 words of it, lol. Good formula and smooth application. Dries fast too! I likey :).

Maybelline Banana Bamba: 3 coats and 1 coat of top coat
lemon/banana yellow with slight shimmer. Two coats is good also but I wanted the color to be even. The formula is good but applying it isn't that good. If your coat is uneven then then it shows in the second and third coat that it's been applied unevenly. Not a bad color, I really like it but I don't think it looks nice with my skintone.

My journey to find a nice yellow polish that would match my skintone is still in progress. I've tried China Glaze Golden Opportunity which didn't work out and the Maybelline Banana Bamba hasn't quite captured me when I look at my hand. :\ Does anyone have any suggestions to a nice yellow? I'm planning on getting China Glaze's Lemon Fizz to give it another shot, hopefully I'll get it soon.

I'm thinking about doing a giveaway when I reach a certain amount of followers on my blog. I haven't picked out what I'm going to give away but definitely new polishes! :) Keep tuning in to check when I will have my first give away!


Thanks to Katrina for posting it in her blog! :)♥ Zoya's is having their nail polish exchange this year! I didn't participate last year but this year I'm definitely going to since I don't own a single bottle of Zoya.

So the deal is, for every bottle you want to exchange is $3.50 and in exchange, you get to pick the Zoya nail polishes you want. :) You could pay by credit card, check or money order.

I picked out 20 bottles of old nail polishes that I'm going to exchange for: Ava, Akyra, Charla, Harley, Indigo, Ivanka, Ki, Kotori, Lexi, Luna, Midori, Pippa, Raven, Rea, Richelle, Shivon, Suvi, Trixie, Veruschuka and Zara

I'm excited to try out Pippa because it's YELLOW! And following this blog post, is to continue my quest for the perfect yellow that will fit my skintone!

Anyways, let me know which Zoya's you like or want or thinking about exchanging for! :)


  1. what a cute mani! =) and for the yellow, definitely try CG Lemon Fizz. even Sally Hansen's Lightening is good...but its a bit darker in color than Lemon Fizz is.

    but you ended up picking TWENTY polishes to giveaway?! AWESOME! hahah i have to go look at the polishes now too!

  2. @katrina: thanks :] I'm looking forward to trying lemon fizz and zoya's happi. where did you buy the poshe base coat? yeah, I ended up exchanging 20 after looking at soo many bottles that I want. and I just sent them this afternoon! :) I can't wait until I get my Zoyas - ultimate swatch post! Do post which ones you decided on! :)

  3. did you change your blog layout? it looks great! i have mint apple (still untried though :P )...but rise and shine looks cool too :)

  4. @emma: yes I did and thank you! :] I still have polishes that I haven't tried also, but I'm too lazy to swatch them right now especially since my nails are short right now after I cut them. Rise and Shine had a sticker on it saying Limited Edition for the Summer 2010 collection. :) You should definitely go get one! Or maybe I'll put that in my giveaway :P

  5. Im on a quest for the perfect yellow for me too! How has the search been?