May 1, 2010


Revlon Purchase

*swatch pictures are not available for lilac pastelle yet. after resizing the swatch pictures i had, the color was not accurate - and not that close to it. :\ will definitely redo.
185 Lilac Pastelle - 3 coats and no top coat
pastel lilac/purple. The formula and application isn't that bad. The first coat was a little sheer and two coats was better but still had spots that the polish didn't evenly cover. Third coat looks best and relates closest to the bottle color. Not bad for my first Revlon.

900 Gold Get 'Em - 3 coats and no top coat
yellow-gold shimmer microglitters. The color is amazinginly beautiful?. The formula and application was excellent. Two coats was nice yet sheer but 3 coats gets to the bottle color. Definitely my favorite out of these 3 Revlons :). It was kind of hard to capture. It's a lot more yellow and shimmery than the pictures.

918 Silver Screen - 2 coats and no top coat
light dusty charcoal shimmer. The formula and application was excellent! Surprisingly, it was pretty good with only one coat of Silver Screen but 2 coats looked better. Looks a bit streaky but still beautiful.


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