May 7, 2010


Yesterday I was unable to do the sotd & notd because after my classes I had to watch a Broadway show which made me end up coming home at 11:30pm-ish. So to make up for it, today's a double sotd & notd :)

Day 3 - looked at Ricky's but no urge to buy nail polishes. :] Hope I could keep this up and keep myself sane! :P

Swatches Of The Day (2):

(top - indoors; bottom - outdoors)
Zoya Ava : two coats no top coat, peachy pink. Ava is really cute and easy to apply. Really hard to capture in the sunlight since it kind of blended in with my skintone. But nonetheless, a good french manicure color! :)

Zoya Charla : I believe this is from Zoya's new glitter collection. it's turquoise blue glitter with iridescent green, yellow and blue-green colors seen in different viewpoints. My camera couldn't pick up the iridescent colors but it's soo beautiful. It's one of my favorites out of my Zoya batch. :)♥ The swatch has two coats with no top coat.

Nails Of The Day (2):

Zoya Ava
LA Colors Nail Art Black
LA Colors Nail Art Gold Glitter
LA Colors Nail Art White

Zoya Charla
LA Colors Nail Art Gold Glitter
(2) 6mm Clear Rhinestones

hope you enjoyed,

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