May 18, 2010


Well, this was sooner than I thought. I didn't plan to post a second time but I did!

So, my brother was downloading and is still downloading a game on his computer. The point in the previous statement was to say the source of my boredom in not being able to do anything on my laptop, such as watch movies or tv shows online. With that being said, I decided to swatch the rest of the Zoyas that I haven't swatched.

But I'm glad these are the last few bottles that may interest you in deciding what colors you might want to exchange for - if you've decided to do the Zoya Exchange (which ends June 30th by the way). I might even consider doing the exchange again for more bottles! :D

Zoya Midori
lime green and gold yellow shimmer. the swatch is two coats and no top coat. omg i'm absolutely in love with Midori! It's so amazing the color <3.

Zoya Pippa
bright yellow creme. the swatch is two coats and one coat of seche. bright normal yellow. i love it but it comes out uneven when applied :x also looks a little funny on my skintone - i don't think yellow cremes work on me, lmao. nonetheless i love the color and maybe it would work if i had pale skin LOL. T_T maybe pastel yellow will look nice :x i wish i could get banana bandana!! :'( i wonder how that would look on me.

Zoya Raven
black creme. the swatch is two coats and one coat of seche. amazing easy to apply black that i have. the only other black i've used was sinful colors black on black. for the formula comparison, raven was by far easier to apply and it didn't make the skin around my nails black whenever i applied too much on the edges. love the black! <3.

Zoya Shivon
red purple with golden orange. the swatch is two coats and no top coat. ohmygod this is unbelievably beautiful – the golden orange undertones are sooo hard to capture. my camera and my phone can’t capture it’s beauty *cries* I thought Shivon was pretty nice but I think it’s so much more beautiful now, especially irl. :’( I’m sad I can’t share the exact swatch with you but I’d definitely recommend Shivon if you’re looking for something unique. this is definitely one of my favorites in the bunch. simply took my breath away<3.

Zoya Suvi
dark green with green shimmer. the swatch is three coats and no top coat. three coats to reach bottle color but still beautiful <3.

Zoya Veruschka
close to suvi, dark green with silver green shimmer but it’s matte. the swatch is two coats without top coat & with top coat (second set). dries pretty quick for a matte about 15~30 seconds. very close to suvi but a little different in terms of the shimmer but still beautiful. looks great without top coat and with top coat <3.

Zoya Zara
light purple with strong golden duochrome shimmer. the swatch is three coats without top coat – formula is a bit sheer. the golden duochrome doesn’t show as much in my pictures because my camera isn’t capable of caputuring most of it. it is a beauty irl. definitely recommend if you’re looking for light purple that’s unique for those who are unsure about the Zoya exchange.

I’m finally done with all my Zoya swatches! I feel so accomplished XD! Overall, I’m OVERLY satisfied with my exchanges and would definitely exchange for more – if I only had old polishes lying around, lol! Anyways, I’ll be thinking of more nail ideas to come up with since school is almost over (one more day and then finals).

see you soon,


  1. oh wow! i REALLY want to do the Zoya Exchange now! such pretty polishes!

  2. Katrina, you should try it out if you don't have any Zoyas in your collection, it'll expand your collection a bit. I've grown to really like Zoya based on its colors as well as their formula. For Raven, most blacks would stain your nails but when I took off Raven it didn't and I was in awe. It was like one of the most amazing things ever lmao!