May 5, 2010

Day 2

Day 2: no temptation to look for nail polishes. :) busy with law & calculus - then headed off to 5th avenue to eat Halal food and go to the NBA store with my boyfriend. No time to look around, thank goodness or else I would've gotten sucked in by Rite Aid/Walgreens/Duane Reade! :P

I received my Sally's order in the mail today. There's no Sally's Beauty anywhere in my neighborhood or in NYC so I had to order online. White Polar Bear buffer block, pumice bar, and two base coats: Poshe and Nail Life Gripper. I heard good reviews for Poshe and half good and half bad reviews for NLG. So I'm going to try both of them out myself to see which one works for me. :) I also used a 10% off my online purchase so I saved a little!

Swatch Of The Day
Zoya Akyra

The formula seemed sheer but came out really nice using only 2 coats! My first experience with Zoya and the application was smooth and enjoyable. The color is really nice & since I came home in time for the sun - I have the swatches with sunlight! Usually I swatch with my regular light in my room at home, but since the sun was still out, I might as well take advantage of it. :D The color is dark blue green but shimmers and shines more green in the light. A very beautiful color & I'm definitely happy with this exchange so far! (: The second picture is closest to how you see it IRL, without all the sunlight.

Nails Of The Day
Zoya Akyra
LA Colors Nail Art Black
LA Colors Nail Art Gold Glitter
LA Colors Nail Art Turquoise Glitter

Don't forget about considering the Zoya Polish Exchange which ends on June 30th!
I'm promoting the colors I got from this exchange during my month of nail polish ban. :)

hope you enjoyed this post,


  1. ooh! Akyra is such a pretty color!!~ and good luck with your new basecoats! let me know how they work out for you =)

  2. thanks katrina! :) i wi definitely let you know how the two basebcoats work out. :) have you decided on doing the zoya exchange and which bottle are you going to get??