May 4, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Today is a great day! :)
  • I saw my box of Zoya's on my doorstep and made me happy
  • I received my fyrinnae samples from an online seller
  • Two posts in one day
* this post was supposed to be posted after the Essie French manicure post, lol.

My fyrinnae samples:
(from left to right, top row then bottom row)
- Android Angel: purple; the cover broke before I opened the package :(.
- Gilded Wings: gold-bronze
- Chrome: powdery silver/dusty grey
- Biker Chic: blue with light blue shimmers
- Sorceress: dark blue with very little blue shimmers
- Atomic Afterglow: dusty tan
- Meerkat: fuchsia/purple with gold shimmers

My experience with Zoya's Polish Exchange: very smooth and easy to order for the exchange, the only hard part is choosing which bottles since there's TONS of bottles to choose from. It took a little longer than expected since there was a mix up with Goldie and Midori. But the service was great, they notified me via email to confirm the color I wanted. They told me when it was processed & shipped. Tracked it and arrived on the delivery date. They packaged it well, bubble wrap on the bottom with packaging peanuts around the four boxes of Zoya's. They even included their catalog in there for treatments, colors, and etc.

Here's a group picture of the Zoya's from this (my first) year of Zoya's Polish Exchange:

Here's subgroups in alphabetical order of my Zoya's:
- Akyra
- Ava
- Charla
- Harley
- Indigo

- Ivanka
- Ki
- Kotori
- Lexi
- Luna

- Midori
- Pippa
- Raven
- Rea
- Richelle

- Shivon/Shivan
- Suvi
- Trixie
- Veruschka
- Zara

hope you enjoyed this post


  1. OH MY GOSH! they came in ALREADY?! wahhh! its time for me to do the Zoya Exchange too! hahaha have fun with your new babies!

  2. Yes it finally came! :) You should definitely do the exchange, it's so worth it, even if you change in like low brand used nail polishes and you get good quality nail polish! I'm definitely going to have fun this month of ban with these ♥