May 4, 2010

Looking for French

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I didn't get to swatch all the colors (somehow this post got posted after my Zoya post even though I clicked Post on the Zoya one after this post). Anyways, for a while now, I've been looking for a very nice french manicure/sheer colors & I picked up 3 bottles of natural and natural shimmers. & please excuse my dry fingers :( I didn't put lotion on before taking these pictures D: Don't hate meeee! & Don't be disgusted :(

(top - no flash; bottom - flash)
Essie Room With a View - 3 coats and no top coat
light/pale pink with small shimmer. The formula and application was good. A very cuteeeeee color & definitely perfect for a French manicure (:

(top - no flash; bottom - flash)
Essie Show me the Ring - 3 coats and 2 coats of top coat
shimmery nude. The formula and application wasn't that bad. very natural. This was my nails for this week so I added rhinestones that I got online (1 pearl, 2 clear and 1 red heart). A very cute color for just natural wear - nothing too extreme.

(top - no flash; bottom - flash)
Essie Petal Pink - 3 coats and no top coat.
light pink rose jelly. The formula was sheer but the application was easy and dries quickly. Cute color and added the quick and sloppy French tip to see how it would look as a French manicure. It's not that bad.. when I look at it right now (8:48pm) but it doesn't seem to match my skin (I feel like my skin tone got darker, lol). Or maybe it's the lighting of my room :\

Notice: I will start a one month nail polish ban (starting today May 4th 2010) because my boyfriend wants me to since I have been spending a lot of money recently on nail polishes, especially my Zoya's.

The ban does not allow me to buy any more nail polishes except for my transdesign last chance OPI batch from transdesign & the items I will have for my giveaway once I get at least 50 followers.

In that one month ban, I will come up with and provide more nail designs (hopefully my creativity will work) and swatches of the nail polishes that I will have gotten (Zoya & OPI).

Instead of having one large post, I will do SOTD, swatch of the day and maybe NOTD, nail of the day using the swatch I have for that day. (: That way I hit two things with one stone :D & that means more updates!

hope you enjoyed,


  1. you know, i've tried going on a nail polish ban too...i just have no self control! good luck with yours =)

  2. Today's the first day and it wasn't that bad maybe because I was busy with my classes so there wasn't that much time to look around anywhere haha. I just hope that Rite Aid and Walgreen doesn't get Hidden Treasure soon or else I'll break my ban T_T I'm hoping it'll work since my boyfriend will help me work out the urge to buy nail polish! :D

  3. @ NY*NAIL*DIVA : thank you! :)