May 14, 2010

Zoya Group 2

Today was 'supposed' to be rainy & thunderstorms but it ended up being really SUNNY AND HOT. I wore sneakers out of my house thinking it would rain and it would come in handy but no it did not -.- I got my a hair cut today - just a trim but I really needed it since my hair was getting longer with split ends and my bangs were getting too long. Anyways, spent a lot of time in the Walgreens and Rite Aid in my neighborhood stalking for Hidden Treasure. Still haven't gotten my hands on it but I'm hoping I could get it through Katrina's giveaway (check my most recent giveaway post).

Anyways, so I'm feeling as if I need to make up for the days I haven't swatched so there'll be a bunch of swatches today.

Zoya Ivanka from Zoya's 2010 Summer "Sparkle" Collection
color: mermaid green sparkling metallic/glass fleck glitter
swatch: two coats and no top coat
review: love the color & the swatch picture does not do any justice! It shines different shades of green from the glitter but it's definitely a keeper! easy to apply and dries quickly. Not a hassle to take off ~ comes off easily and very smooth when it's dried. :)

Zoya Ki
color: duochrome of purple and black
swatch: two coats and no top coat
review: love the color! It's so different and unique. Easy to apply and dries quickly. :D

Zoya Kotori
color: bright blue shimmer over a sheer black base
swatch: three coats and no top coat
review: the black base is sheer so it took one more coat than usual

Zoya Lexi
color: shimmering multichrome shade of mauve, pink, silver and little blue
swatch: two coats and no top coat
review: an awesome unique shade of mauve and pink with shimmer frost of silver. It's darker than most pinks I have and it's definitely different from what I've seen.

Zoya Luna
color: light shimmering sheer silver gray with shiny silver glitter
swatch: two coats and no top coat
review: very shiny and glittery glam. Two coats but you have to make sure it's even or else your nail lines shows.

American Apparel is going to have 6 new polishes coming out!
I'm so excited I want to get them :)!
except for the top coat since I have my seche top coat. <3

Top Coat, Malibu Green, L'Espri, Summer Peach, California Trooper, Butter

I have 30 followers so far, and when I hit 50 followers, I will start my first giveaway! :) I haven't though of exactly what to give away yet but I will as hopefully my number of followers go up. So stay tuned for updates on the giveaway ideas!

see you soon,


  1. still no luck with Hidden Treasure? hopefully you'll be able to find one soon...or win my contest =P haha but i love Ki! its such a pretty polish!

  2. Hopefully! My boyfriend says he's going to buy me 2 bottles if he finds it, LOL. But I'm hoping I could win your favorites giveaway. Ki is really pretty!♥ It's hard to describe but in person it's like whoa♥ :P