May 11, 2010

Harley Indigo

I have to admit, I'm slacking on my blog. :(
I guess I'm not as motivated to do my nails as much - or maybe there are no sparks for creativity.
The good news is that I haven't broken my ban :]. I went to Walgreens near my college and saw that there's a new display for the Sally Hansen with Hidden Treasure, however it was the samples that they sent to Walgreens and Hidden Treasure was all gone *cries* They said they will definitely restock when they sell all the sample/trial :( Hope it won't be gone again after they restock lol.

But I do provide you with 2 days worth of SOTD & NOTD.
Hope you enjoy and don't kill me. ><

Zoya Harley - 2 coats and no top coat
light cement grey. taken in sunlight. I love this grey and it's beautiful!
easy to apply and dries quickly.

Floral Harley
- Zoya Harley
- Essie Dramatic Drachmas (red)
- Essie Cute as a Button (pink)
- LA Colors Nail Art Black

Zoya Indigo - two coats and no top coat
dark navy blue creme that shines blue.
taken with no flash (top) and flash (bottom).
dries quick and applies easily.
looks dark irl (refer to no flash swatch picture)

(left no flash; right; flash)
Zoya Indigo
LA Colors Nail Art Blue Glitter
Silver Beads

hope you enjoyed,


  1. I have that Harley one. So nice.
    I'm watching so post more. :)

  2. @ Susie, I like Harley because it's light and also a grey, which I have very few of. Thanks for the encouragement Susie! I'm hoping to post more when I can but it might be slower~ since finals are coming up and there's much to study. However I have been hunting at different Walgreens to find Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure, no luck so far :(

  3. Hope your finals go well.
    I found Hidden Treasure in my Walmart. It was on a separate rack in the middle isle just off from where they sell the other polishes.

  4. Lucky! There's no Walmart in NYC, or not that I know of. They have their own sample display for the new polishes and when I look, only Hidden Treasure is taken. The workers said that they will most likely get more when they sell all the display ones.