July 16, 2011


Hey everyone :) Hope you're doing well, me? Not so much. I recently got bit by a mosquito(s) and I have 5 on my face, 2 on my neck and 5 on my left arm. One of them on my arm is on my index finger and it's swelling a bit and it makes me feel like Quasimoto (from the Hunchback of Notre Dame), which I joke around with the bf about.

But here's my nails that I've had on for 2 days, which I picked out for my first day of job orientation at my new job. Alix Avien 129 is a polish my bf brought back for me from Bangladesh and I love the brand! The formula and application is good. There's a good drying time as well and it doesn't even smell bad compared to another one he brought back. He brought back a few of this brand but I wish he brought back more but I don't think there was a lot of variety when he saw them. But I love this color! It's like a red-pink fuchsia shimmer. And this is shown in 2 coats and 1 layer of top coat. Minor tip wear on the bottom from doing things with water. But still a beauty! :)

I didn't take a very good picture - but this was taken with my phone at my train station haha! It was about 8pm and it was still pretty nice outside ~ I just wished my camera caught more sun light though. :\

For those who are wondering, I'm holding a cheetah print heart necklace! It's from Forever21 and it was $4.80! I ordered some black rhinestones on eBay and I can't wait until they come in so I can decorate the black cheetah print areas with black rhinestones :B♥

Hope you all enjoyed and happy polishing! :)


  1. Pretty color! Too bad about the mosquito bites. :/ I hate bites on the neck. Those are the worst for some reason.

  2. purplegreenpanda: Thanks! & I know :( I don't even know why they bit me so much! Once is enough pleaseeeee. :P

  3. omgosh so cute that your bf picked out this color for you!! adore this color!!!

  4. Such a pretty color! And can't wait to see how you decorate that necklace :)

  5. I love this color, but I also adore this necklace!!

  6. Great color! The necklace looks super cute :P

  7. Lisa: Yeah! He got a few other ones like this that are also my favorite out of the 20 he brought back for me :) Thanks!

    Katherine: Thanks & I'm waiting on the rhinestones to arrive from Hong Kong! :P I'm excited!

    Marina: Thank you! I've been eyeing the necklace since I got matching cheetah fauceted heart earrings with them except that the rod for one of them broke! T.T

    Anna: Thank you (:

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