July 6, 2011

[PW] Easter Basket

How was everyone's week? Sorry I haven't posted in a week x_X; I've worked - even on July 4th so I could earn some extra money to spend since the bf's birthday's coming up in less than a week - EEK!

Today's On Wednesday's We Wear Pink is a franken that I got from Etsy called Easter Basket which is made by spookybones. It's a very pigmented dusty rose pink with small gold shimmer and sparse bar glitters in the bottle. This is in 2 coats and 1 coat of top coat. *please don't mind the nubs - my nails were long and then they broke very easily so now they're down to nubs wahh!* 

On a side rant - My passport recently expired and I wanted to re-new/get a new one since the one I've been using, I got that before I was 16 to go with my family to Canada. I went to the post office today to try to send it in, but apparently it didn't work - which I don't understand since I did my reading before going. (1) And it says that you need proof of US citizenship and proof of identity - which it says previous or current US passport book. The post office lady said I couldn't use my passport because it was expired - so doesn't that count as a "previous" passport book? -_-  (2) She asked if I had a NYS driver's license or NYS ID and I told her I didn't have that. She didn't understand how I'm 19 and I don't have either of those. Well, I took the permit test last year and didn't pass so I was planning to take it again this summer - which hasn't happened yet since my passport expired and I need that in order to get the NYS driver's license/permit & I don't want to pay the fee for a non-driver's ID if I plan to drive in the future - which would be another fee. -__- (3) Since the NYS option didn't work, she suggested for my parents to come so that they can be my proof of identity - I said okay but I remember reading about having to fill out a form and she tells me I don't need that? So both things that are on the application didn't apply to me....... (4) To make matters worse, she told me that I needed an appointment.... it was almost 2 o'clock and there was no one there doing passport paperwork... REALLY?! And she said the earliest she could schedule me is July 22nd at 2 o'clock... -_- that was even worse because I went last week and the lady was able to do 4 applications within 40 minutes and her appointment book showed 1 person per hour... RIDICULOUS!

So I am going to call the National Passport Information Center to clarify this "previous or current US passport book" issue.
/end rant - If you read this, THANKS FOR READING♥ BECAUSE YOU'RE AWESOME.

Hope you enjoyed & happy polishing :)


  1. Your nubs look good to me!

    I did my passport renewal by mail rather than deal with the post office. I would certainly think an expired passport would qualify but bureaucracy often makes no sense. Hope you can get it sorted out soon!

  2. KarenD: After having my nails longer - past the skin underneath the nails, I'm not used to it at all and I love having longer nails! Hope they grow fast, but thank you! :P

    I didn't qualify to do it via mail because the passport I've been using, I got it before I was 16 so I'd be applying again as an adult rather than renewing my passport. :\ I hope it could get done asap!

  3. OMGosh! What a pain in the butt!! I don't have a passport but I know I'll need one eventually. And it's stories like this that makes me not want to even bother.

    As for the polish...it's a pretty color! It looks cute on your little nubbins.

  4. Love this color! Definitely cute for the summer!

    Oh no~ sounds like your whole passport situation is such a mess. =/ Hopefully everything will work out for you!

  5. I think that lady was on a power trip. o_o I hope you get this resolved.