July 11, 2011

Posts Stealer!

Hey everyone, not a nail post today but I just found out via email from an awesome blogger, Barbara from Biba's Beauty Corner that there's a blogger that stole a few of my posts and other posts from other bloggers too! Thanks Barbara for the heads up because I really didn't know someone stole my posts, but it's hilarious! The funny thing is the ironic posts she stole - which end with <3katherine, which I end in every one of my posts.

Here's the blog: http://buzznail.blogspot.com/ and some of the posts that she stole:
Nautical - http://buzznail.blogspot.com/2011/03/nautical.html - She's lucky it doesn't show my watermark because those pictures came straight from my phone
Current Nails + Picture - http://buzznail.blogspot.com/2011/03/current-nails-picture.html - My baby cousin is in the post.....
Handwriting Tag - http://buzznail.blogspot.com/2011/03/handwriting-tag.html - Enough said in the picture, MY BLOG NAME AND BLOG URL
CSN Giveaway Winner - http://buzznail.blogspot.com/2011/03/giveaway-csn-giveaway-winner.html
From the Vault - http://buzznail.blogspot.com/2011/03/from-vault.html - My watermark
Space nails - http://buzznail.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-space-nails.html - My watermark
Late Post on Zoya - http://buzznail.blogspot.com/2011/03/late-post.html - My watermark
CSN Giveaway - http://buzznail.blogspot.com/2011/03/giveaway-csn-stores.html - My blog name is stated in the post saying that CSN is sponsoring the giveaway.

This is hilarious. AND whoever made the blog doesn't even allow comments haha.

I'm glad that most of my pictures are watermarked so I can laugh whenever I see blogs like this steal my posts. :P

Credits go to Ice Queen for finding this hypocritical yet hilarious post on the stealer's blog - http://buzznail.blogspot.com/2011/02/gone-too-far.html

For those who don't want to click on the link here's what the post says:
* anything said in parenthesis is my reaction to the post


Gone too far

Okay, I want to start out by thanking everyone for your support in the picture incident. I have spoken with the blogger, and everything has been taken care of, and will not be happening again. It is VERY frustrating to have your work taken (lol!!!!!), mistake or not. I do have something to say though. While corresponding with the blogger, I'm extremely upset to learn what was going on behind the scenes. In no way is it okay to send violent emails, or use racial slurs. This disturbs me so much, and literally made me think about whether or not I wanted to continuing with my blog (What blog lol! And even after this post, you're still stealing posts from other bloggers and '...whether or not I wanted to continuing with my blog' doesn't make sense LOL). I do this for fun, and love sharing my manis with you all. I don't want this blog to be the cause of any stress. I am not angry at those of you that left comments regarding picture stealing, since it was a fact that my pictures we cropped so that my watermark was no longer visible. whether it was done by the blogger or not, it was done, and not checked on. She has apologized for this, and I hope she checks on her friends pictures from now on. I truly love that you guys support me, but this is crazy and has gone too far. These kinds of actions are not okay, and will not be tolerated here on my page (exactly why you don't have a profile page and do not allow comments on your 'blog' right?!).

Hope this made you laugh. :)


  1. Wow. I think it's some sort of spam/virus because it keeps dumping you in to a page where you have to click to continue and then pops up with some weird "congratulations, you're the newest winner" shite. Not good!

  2. You might want to change your passwords to make sure it isn't hacking in to your Blogger acct!

  3. Megan: Yeah I thought that was odd. But whoever created that blog has also taken other bloggers' posts as well. :\ But I'm definitely going to change my password. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Do you really want to laugh your ass off? Read this post, from I think February. http://buzznail.blogspot.com/2011/02/gone-too-far.html

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle... I almost spit water all over my laptop when I saw this post.

  5. Holy crap! That blogger has ballz! She steals from pretty much anybody. Nails. Makeup. English. Spanish. Sheesh! It's no wonder they don't allow comments.

  6. Ice Queen: That is hilarious! It's so hypocritical of her -.- I really did LMAO at that post ahahah!

    Megan: I know! And she doesn't even have a profile page with an email so basically there's no way of contacting her! I was thinking about reporting it on google for either impersonation or copyright infringement.. LOL

  7. That really bites, sorry to hear it. Hopefully she's good and embarrassed now?

  8. Yay! I really can't understand how some people can live with themselves doing something awful like this.

  9. Persnickety Polish: Thanks and I hope she is embarrassed! LOL. I mind a bit that she stole my posts but that makes me feel more confident about my nails though haha!

    rins I know! They're basically taking part of my credit, but thankfully there's no commenting allowed so no one really gives her credit for stealing my pictures. And I guess it's because they don't have confident in themselves and that's why she or other people would do such a thing. But it's just so hypocritical of her to feel angry about how people 'steal' her posts when she is stealing other people's posts. She copied my post including my signature, as if she's acting as me! Lol

  10. oh my gosh! I checked out her "blog" and I couldn't stop laughing. How can she post your pics with your watermark and claim it's her nails? insane. Especially, the post with your baby cousin, that's too much.
    I guess you should be flattered that she went to such lengths to steal your stuff lol hilariousss

  11. I find that blog pretty weird too, but I just wanted to let you know...

  12. HAHA! Lol Does this person even realise, that at the botton of the nautical post, it says something about 'her' 300 follower giveaway? She Has 15 followers. LOL

  13. this was funny, i almost wet my pants... and, on the other hand - it's so sad :-(

  14. yujinyun: I know! She has also taken other people's posts as well! I am a bit flattered :P because I don't have a ton of confidence about my nails sometimes when I see other bloggers' nails

    Biba: Yeah it is weird haha but thanks for letting me know!!♥

    Aimee: Haha I didn't realize that either hahahahaha. She's "pretending" to be me lol.

    nail crazy: I laughed hysterically when I read her blog LOL

  15. This is weird. Even that "Gone too far" post sounds just like a post written on Chloes Nails blog - after another blogger stole her photos. So that post is copied as well!

  16. ABOP: I figured haha! I mean if she copied other people's posts - it'd be weird for her to have that. But I found it hilarious that she would copy that as well!