October 1, 2012


Hello everyone :) I would like to officially announce that I am back on Blogger, Tumblr wasn't the place for me to blog about nails as much as I thought I would like it. I did keep my old entries from Necessary Nails, but I'm not sure if I want to start fresh and delete everything or keep it. I know sometimes people (maybe) reference anything I've done but I don't know completely enough to keep or delete them. I've changed the blog name and URL to The Nail Renaissance. My challenge is to try to post more, which I've always wanted to try to do but I haven't been on a good schedule to be consistently painting my nails in colors that aren't work appropriate. But I do want to challenge myself more.

I'm posting to announce that and I would also like to see any suggestions for any wine/burgundy colors. I've seen someone with that shade on and I definitely would like to try it out. So please suggest away.

Here's a photo of reference from All Lacquered Up -

I'm happy to announce that I'm back (hopefully posting more) =)

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