October 6, 2012

Two Looks

Hi everyone! Today's late post is to show two looks that I've done when I haven't blogged.

The first look is my "professional" work nails; this polish is one of my favorite go to polish for work. I've gotten a lot of compliments on this nail polish and everyone always asks me which polish it is. It's Sephora by OPI Xox Betsy which is from Sephora by OPI collaborating with Betsy Johnson. Sorry for the lack of clean up, but other than that, it is shown in 2 coats and 1 coat of top coat. My nails are FINALLY growing back. Over the summer from July to August, they were BEAUTIFULLY LONG and then a tragic STUPID accident chopped 2 of my nails and I had to resort to cutting them :'( I haven't been able to grow them back as long as I like but they're starting to! Xox Betsy is a muted light natural pink with hints of purple/gray.

The next look I did was earlier this summer when my bf became the NY/East Coast brand promoter for Beautiful Struggle. The story behind the brand is : 

Beautiful Struggle is a clothing brand that I proudly started here in San Leandro, California.
What inspired me? Well, life simply did. As a kid, I was in a family that moved around constantly. I went from city to city, school to school and it seemed never ending. I could not get a girlfriend to save my life, I lost a ton of friends, and at points I did not even know who I was. I thought my life was a complete disaster. Eventually I realized that all the pain, sweat, and tears from my childhood only made me a stronger person. I vowed that inspiring others would always be one of the most important priorities in my life.
As my teenage years passed on, I fell in love with art. From photography to drawing and designing; I loved anything that allowed me to express myself. When I combined life and art, I found Beautiful Struggle. The term Beautiful Struggle has always been commonly used by people. It is my passion to expand the term and it’s meaning to an even broader perspective. Clothing. At first it was just an idea, but it evolved into something more. This became a way for me to show my art to the world and was the beginning of the brand.
People ask me, “How can a Struggle be Beautiful?” Well, every person has their own story just as I do. You may not have had the same problems like I did, but you definitely have felt failure and defeat before. The ability to look in the mirror, recognize those failures and defeats, and keep moving forward is a Beautiful thing. What you become because of the pain, the sweat, and the tears are a Beautiful thing. Without those struggles, who would you be?
Thank you to everyone out there that supports the brand, and believes in it as much as I do.
Much love. Stay Beautiful.

His brand mainly consists of clothing (for now) and it continues to grow as he is inspired by life. The 'LIVE' was from his tank top that he had over the summer and the thumb accent is the logo for his brand (I could've done better; but I haven't done nail art in a while). The photo below shows my bf modeling the tank top from Beautiful Struggle, and the picture was taken by ME 8D! We took this photo in the High Lines in New York City. The nail polish I used was American Apparel Cotton, in 2 coats and then I used both a black and red nail art brush for the lettering and accent nail.

I hope you all liked both looks that I have to offer today :)

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