June 30, 2010

Anna Banana Bandanna

How is everyone's day? I had an okay day. If you don't mind my rambling about my day, feel free to read if not, you can just skip this section. :P So the past 3 weeks and this week in total, I've only been scheduled for work 2 days out of FOUR weeks T___T;. As I desperate asked for a shift from other co-workers (we have our own Facebook group to give away and take shifts because there's more than 200 of us), someone messaged me with a 6:30-11:30am shift. I've never woken up so early in my life (5am) to get to work. I admit, I was REALLY tired and too lazy to get out of bed, but I had to stick with it. I was mainly folding clothes for 3 hours and a 1/2 until we had someone check our whole store for an issue that came up (I'm not allowed to disclose what the reason is). And it turns out the problem is a lot bigger than the day before (the first day it happened), and they just sent everyone home. The good thing is, I hate working. But I need the money when I get paid next week and I was hoping to get more shifts for the rest of this week, I guess that's not possible now. :<

So maybe it's time for a new job? I've been working at the store since October. It pays more than other stores and above minimum wage. But the best thing about the job is that it is so flexible based on my schedule, even if it changes. There's always people willing to cover your shift and during good "money making times" there are more shifts people are always giving away daily. I don't know, my boyfriend's telling me that the slowness is going to pass and that I'll get more work but my mom is just telling me to get a better job, ughh.

Anyways, enough rambling, here's my swatch of the day & I'll provide the nail of the day coming soon. :D Enjoy! (I hope)

OPI Banana Bandanna
sheer shimmer yellow creme. I was hoping it'd be similar to China Glaze Lemon Fizz, which it kind of is but it's more yellow and less pastel than it. There's a small hint of shimmer as you apply but not very noticeable. The swatch is 3 coats and no top coat. I love the color but it's too yellow for dark-ish, pinkish redish hands. :P The nail line is still visible after 3 coats, maybe it won't be if I applied top coat, or another layer or a base color before applying Banana Bandanna.



  1. omg where did you get this color? I've been hunting for this one since...forever. :O but thanks for the review!

  2. VNS has them in stock even though they took off the pictures and prices. So you could ask them if they still have it in stock and how much it would cost. They're really nice and communicate via email quick.

    If they don't have it, you should google it because some websites still have it. :P
    I looked around and I found it on:
    - Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Opi-Banana-Bandanna-Nail-Polish/dp/B0029NH5MM
    - Ebay - just search it there are multiple actions/pages for it.

    I'm glad you like it and I hope you could get it :)

  3. I also found http://www.salonsavings.com/opi-banana-bandanna-05-floz/opi/

    But I've never tried their website before. I read their 'About Us' and they say they don't sell imitations or fake items though and that their stock items are legit. :x

  4. if you dont mind me asking..where do you work? 200+ workers? dang!

    but... Banana Bandanna is so cute!

  5. I work at Epic Hollister in NYC. In total there's more than one thousand workers :x. Cleaning people, overnight, 4 different job groups, managers, assistant managers, etc.

    Thank you! :) Too bad my skin is too weird for yellow to look nice on me. I think pastel yellows fit me better than regular yellows.

  6. Very pretty. I love yellows. Looks great on you.
    I'm not sure who has or hasn't entered BUT I'm having a brand new giveaway on my blog.

  7. Thank you Susie! :) That's funny you say that it suits me but I don't know maybe looking at it from my view makes it look funny. :P And thanks for letting me know about your new giveaway! :D

  8. Yup I really like that color on you. Thanks for checking out my giveaway.

  9. oh thank you!! I ran into it at Pure Beauty once, but there was only one bottle left >:O I need to hunt around some more!