June 14, 2010

Espresso Your Style!

So I figured out why I haven't been feeling good about blogging. I felt like I lost hope because it's so hard to get my hands on Hidden Treasure. I've been resorting to eBay and it cost so much money there but I want it so bad. After wanting something so bad and almost losing hope, I guess that's what made me so 'bleh' (sorry I can't find a word to describe it) or stop caring about my blog as much as I used to. I also feel uninspired for any design ideas.

So for a few days, I did Zoya Zara as my manicure. I couldn't think of any design to go with it since the color was so beautiful, and I'm not kidding. :p My mom saw my nails and she loves the color and recently I did her toes OPI Rumple's Wiggin'.

Today, well yesterday I decided to do my nails again. I haven't posted about this one yet so it's something new. :) I first tested it out on one nail because I wasn't decided on the color. Here's my manicure: OPI Espresso Your Style!

I love the color because it's dark chocolate/espresso brown with hints of gold shimmer. The first picture is how it looks in real life and the second picture is with flash. The flash picture makes me think of mahogany brown. This was 2 coats of Espresso Your Style! and one coat of Seche Top Coat.

I then added Sinful Colors Green Ocean which is similar to SH's Hidden Treasure but it only shines green and blue. Not bad and I feel a little awkward with my nails but maybe it'll grow on me, if not I'll probably end up taking them off soon.

Katrina from Katrina's Nail Blog talked about the 2 basecoats she's tried. Poshe Base Coat and Nail Life Gripper. I agree with her that Poshe Base Coat works wonderfully. I've been using it ever since I got it from Sally's (probably sometime in May?). My nails are stronger and I really do have weak nails because I inherited that from my mom. They haven't chipped or break as much as they used to. But I'm not sure about Nail Life Gripper because I started using it today. I'll try this out for a month and then I'll post about my experience with it.

Hope you enjoyed,


  1. cool, im glad you found Poshe's basecoat to be working too! and you still havent found Hidden Treasure? you want me to try to find you one? shoot me an email =)

  2. I have an extra if you still don't have it.

    You can let me know via email.