June 25, 2010

Pastel Treasure

Hello :). I've been wanting to post for a bit but I didn't know what to do my nails. A lot of bloggers have blogged about Hidden Treasure with various base colors. Some even did pastel bases. So I wanted to see for myself how it would look and I love it!

The base is Eyeko Pastel Polish (10mL bottle). This took me 3 coats because it was always uneven. The formula was alright and applying was a bit ugh since it was always coming out uneven. Even with Seche it was a bit "wet" even though the top coat was fine. Maybe this is bad bottle or something~ I don't know. But I do hope to get more Eyeko polishes since there's free shipping worldwide if you order $55 or more.

Currently, I have 42 followers, instead of doing a giveaway to celebrate 50 followers like I originally planned and with the upcoming of my boyfriend's birthday and tight money situation, I will hold my first giveaway when I reach 100 followers. I only have one polish in mind right now, Sephora 212 but I will come up with more & purchase them when money isn't tight.

My current situation right now isn't well, I've only worked 2 days out of the past 3 weeks and I'm not even scheduled to work next week. T_T The store is cutting hours and they are STILL hiring new people, which pisses me off. All the shifts are going to them or to other people. Hopefully work will get better, if not.. I probably have to find another job.. to support my obsession with nail polish♥

hope you enjoyed,


  1. Hope things work our for you with a job.
    Really pretty manicure. :)
    Oh and I don’t know if you have entered my giveaway but I’m only 14 followers from drawing the winner if you are interested in entering.

  2. Thanks Susie! (: I found out today that I have bubbles, grr. Yes I entered your giveaway! Thanks for letting me know about it :)

  3. I wonder why the bubbles?
    Thanks for the sweet comment when you told about my giveaway. :)

  4. I might've applied it to early before the coat actually dried or my Seche top coat is getting a little old :P