June 10, 2010


So I haven't been posting because I've been slacking and not really in the mood to post. :\ Yet I don't know why I don't want to... I just didn't feel like it. But I feel like I'm way behind but not really. Maybe it's because I've been so interested in watching tv shows?

I've watched:
- 1st season of Leverage (first cd of the 2nd season came in today from netflix!)
- 5 seasons of Weeds (veryyyy interesting!)
- started the first season of Heroes (SOO interesting and addicting to watch<3!)

Anyways, enough about that. From the last post up until today, I will post up pictures of the nails I did.

1. Indian Nails → China Glaze Strawberry Fields (2 coats) & LA Colors Nail Art Gold Glitter
*Indian because the colors reminded my cousin, hehe :P

2. Glittery Nails → Zoya Raven (2 coats) & China Glaze Nova

3. Random → OPI Jade is the New Black (2 coats) & OPI Alpine Snow

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and hopefully my nail polish mood comes back~


  1. All so cool. :)
    Loving the green the most. :)

  2. i feel ya!; sometimes i just get too lazy to post too! haha but cute manis!

  3. Susie: Thank you :) To be honest, I found my green manicure awkward and I took them off. But, I thought it was cute at first and it somehow reminded me of a green mug, random I know :P.

    Katrina: I thought it was only me feeling lazy but it's also not a feeling a laziness either. It's like 'ehhh whatever' maybe because I'm uninspired or something >.> But thanks! I love your manis more XP