October 16, 2010

Jackelin $0.50!!

So I stopped by Walgreens today after work and after I bought a palette at Inglot for a swap, and I saw these babies for 2 for $1! I must confess that I saw these before but didn't bother with them because they lack color range! :( and they looked old because the polish separated. But these 2 were the good ones out of the batch.

On the left we have, Jackelin Allure and on the right we have Jackelin Pear. Allure is a grayed out blue with silver shimmer but it's very pigmented like they added fyrinnae in it to make this polish. The swatch is 2 coats of Allure and 1 coat of top coat. Pear is a metallic bronze with a green tone to it. Pear was on the harder side to capture but you can see the color perfectly from the bottle color. The swatch is 3 coats of Pear and 1 coat of top coat. Pear is a little opaque, but you could've gone with 2 coats but I decided to do 3 because a small VNL.

If anyone is interested in any Inglot Cosmetics (they don't sell their products online), I will gladly agree to a swap or custom purchase for you. Just write me an email & I'll email the store for a price quote. Please note that if you want the Freedom Eyeshadow Palettes, let me know how many eyeshadows, the number & it's color family and back up colors in case the store doesn't have a color that you wanted.

The reason I started putting it out there that I'm willing to get custom Inglot Cosmetics is because of a MUA swap. If you're more comfortable swapping with me on MUA just write me a message to itsofluffy (that's my MUA username).

I'm bringing this up because Inglot in the US is only available in 2 stores, one in NYC which is an hour train ride from my home and I work & go to school in the city so I'll be there frequently.
hope you enjoyed,


  1. OMG, i saw these at a walgreens too, but they were 99 cents each. I picked up a bunch of cremes though. Anyway, awesome deal!

  2. I've never seen these at the Walgreens on 18th ave! They look pretty >__< Are the other colors also metallic?

  3. Nice polishes. Can't beat them for .50 each

  4. Ping: Yeah I saw them near my school for $1 each, but I didn't they were worth the $1 :x because the color range was horrible in my opinion. The only reason I got it was the deal was better than buying each one for $1, hehe. :)

    Mandy: I saw these at the Walgreens on 23rd St near Baruch. I haven't gone to the one on 18th ave and I'm pretty sure it's not on the 13th ave one either.

    Toesthattwinkle!: Thanks! :)

    Twister: Yup, that's the reason I got them and because I got suggestions for cheaper/pharmacy nail polishes because I guess I've been posting too much OPI, etc.

  5. ooh! what a nice find! and a nice price too!~

  6. Katrina: Thank you! And I still have to get more for our swap! Email me when you're ready to ship out! :)