October 12, 2010

Something Sweet

Hello there! :) I'm posting my current manicure/nails! I received this nail polish in a swap and ever sine I got it, I've been wanting to try this!

China Glaze Something Sweet
it's a pastel light pink with hints of lavender and a slight hint of gray because it isn't as bright as Wet N Wild's Tickled Pink although it seems very similar (I'll be doing a side by side comparison soon for these two cute pinks). I started off my manicure with base coat, 2 coats of Something Sweet and 1 coat of Seche top coat on my pinkie, middle fingers and my thumb. (*Note: the pictures of the manicure isn't as accurate. The closest to the actual color is the pictures of my manicure+nail art. My camera's wonky on certain colors x___x & notetoself:savemoneyandbuynewcameraandmakelightbox)

To add a little "nail art" to my manicure, I decided to do simple white stripes. I used Kiss Nail Art in White for the stripes, although they aren't perfectly straight, they look amazingly cute! I finally topped it off with Essie's Matte About You on my ring and index fingers. :) How cute is that? It reminds me of those round peppermint mints that are red and mainly white. :P

hope you enjoyed,


  1. love this! :D im looking for a perfect girly light pink and this might be it!

  2. Such a nice pink!
    Can never have too many pink polishes :P

  3. seriously, i dont know why i dont have this polish yet. haha.

  4. jamie K.: Thank you! And I'm glad I helped you find a nice pink! :)

    Mandy: Yes! I have quite a lot of pinks although I don't consider myself VERY girly. :P

    Katrina: I'm mad I haven't gotten around to getting this nail polish but keep it on my wishlist -___- but thank God someone swapped with me and I got it! :D

  5. Damn, and I put away Tickled Pink yesterday when I was at Rite Aid lol! I think I'll have to go back for it now ;D Oh, I finally saw Essie's Matte About You in the store. I was thinking about getting it since I've never tried matte nails before. It definitely looks great on your nail art, love!! <3

  6. Thifa: Thank you! :D

    katie: I did that too before I got Tickled Pink. I've done it a few times at the pharmacy and then I finally got the nerve to buy them. :D I used to matte all my nails but I don't matte them as much but they are beautiful when matte! :)

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