October 11, 2010

Show It And Glow It

Life is so hectic for me and I'm barely keeping up! But I do have time to do my nails when I can. :) Here's one of the Burlesque Collection from OPI for today. OPI Show It and Glow It! It's a clear base with mainly purple and silver glitter. There's tons of more color in it but I just don't feel like listing the smaller ones. It's freaking BEAUTIFUL! :) I ordered the whole collection and I'm definitely going to post more! <3

I've started using my right hand to swatch at times because I just love the length of my ring and pinkie fingers. :)

Which collection would you like to see next or which one is your favorite?

hope you enjoyed,


  1. *drool. thats so pretty! i still need to get polishes from the Burlesque Collection~

  2. Katrina: Lucky enough I got paid so I ordered the whole collection + OPI DS Magic. :) It so pretty and shiny haha!

  3. This colour is stunning! I love using glitter nail polishes, especially around Christmas but they're such a pain to remove!!


  4. this is really pretty !

    - kathy ♥

  5. Jade: Thank you! And yeah, they are soo good for Christmas haha! Well it was alright removing them since I use the foil method so it's not as painful :P

    Kathy: Thanks! :) Did you get any of the Burlesque collection?

  6. I have this color on my toes right now! I am still nervous about taking it off, but i'll just have to foil method it like you did, what type of remover do you use?

  7. Liter: I use Rite Aid Strengthening Nail Polish Remover (it's purple and it has acetone but not a lot). You can use pure acetone also but it tends to dry out your cuticles but it removes it easier than non-acetone nail polish remover. I don't do the "technical" foil method where people wrap foil over a cotton pad with nail polish remover, I just have a cotton pad with nail polish and I press it over my nails. :) Hope that helped!