October 5, 2010

Oh Bunny, you're darn adorable♥

Today, I PRESENT TO YOU A NAIL ART POST! YAY! I know you all have been craving for nail art and I finally got inspired to do something after looking over my folder of nail art. I had tons of fun with this too.

First my mani was OPI Dating a Royal. I used 2 coats of DAR. You can see my nail broke on the side of my ring finger <:( boo. The formula was a bit water-y in my opinion for a creme, which surprised me but I totally dig the color! (excuse my lingo :P)

Next, for my other fingers (excluding ring) I used China Glaze Dorothy Who (1 coat) over it and then 1 coat of Seche top coat. For my ring finger I made a BUNNY! :) Isn't it adorable? This was my first attempt at a bunny and trust me, it came out the best the FIRST time and not the second or third time, odd.. But anyways I used OPI Alpine Snow for the white bunny, Wet N Wild Tickled Pink for the bunny's ears and nose and LA Colors Black Nail Art for the eyes. Then you wait a while for it to try because trust me you don't want to put top a few seconds later or else you'll smear your nail art. This happened to me a lot so wait a "considerable" amount of time before you apply so it doesn't smear and you have pretty darn cute nail art! =)

Tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway, which ends at 11:59 EST (NYC). So hurry and enter in! :)

hope you enjoyed,

PS: I've got it on slow picture tutorial (I'm not good with speaking on video) for those who want to try this! :)


  1. Oh Bunny is so adorable! Sweet!!! <3

  2. Ivana: Thank you! :) Don't worry I'll be posting the picture tutorial tomorrow for everyone!♥

  3. This is so cute! I love the design of the bunny <3

  4. This is really good! I'm adding to my nail art inspiration! This would be so good for Easter x


  5. Priscilla: Thank you so much! :)

    Biba: Thank you!♥

    Jade: REALLY? Aw!! I feel so happy and honored! ^_____^

    Pretty: Thank youu! (=

  6. awww the bunny is so cute ;3
    - kathy ♥

  7. Kathy: Thank you! :) I just posted up a tutorial for it