October 6, 2010

Polish Heaven + TUTORIAL!

Hello! I bring to you a TUTORIAL. I haven't done these in a while but I hope I made it easier for everyone to be able to do this! :) Click the picture and the whole tutorial will be clearer to read for you.

I've got TONS of nail polishes to show you, especially my Burlesque Collection that just arrived today!! :) So we'll definitely be busy this month! and maybe next month!! ^______^

My giveaway ends tonight at 11:59PM EST
so do some last minute entering!
*any entries past 11:59PM will not be counted.

hope you enjoyed,


  1. thanks for the tut! that bunny is ADORABLE!

  2. Toesthattwinkle!: No problem and thank you! :)

  3. Paulina: Thanks!
    Zana: Thank you!
    Kathy: Hehe thanksss♥

  4. this is soo cute! I neeed to try this!

  5. Ice Queen: Lol, thank you! :)

    Lois: Thank you! =) It was fun to do it, and it's something new to try!