April 14, 2011


Hey everyone, sorry for being MIA! I'm back-ish since my exams are over... for now until finals and spring break starts on Friday for me. I'm going to try to be working a lot so hopefully that'll allow me to have more mani's since I'll be putting on and taking off a lot.

So on Sunday, I was strolling along Soho with my mom and we came across this guy who can free hand spray paint these in 5 minutes with a blank canvas. He doesn't spray them neatly or anything just sprays and sometimes uses a few props to help cover certain parts to make it look like that. It's sooo amazing! He also uses magazines and a ruler and a carving/sculpting tool.

But after I left Soho to go to Times Square, I saw another Asian guy doing it there lol! And to think he was the only one! But I do have a video of him doing the 2nd one in 5 minutes. I'll try to post that when I can. :)

Here's a picture of my current mani. that I took with my phone this morning since there was sun! We had great weather in NYC on Monday but Tuesday and Wednesday, it rained... boo! So much for good weather lol so today is another sunny day and I had to take advantage of that :P My nails are still in the process of growing but I couldn't help myself :P

This is China Glaze 3D Fantasy from their recent collection, Tronica. It's a red/coral holographic but it's not a lot of holo goodness compared to the previous 2 collections of holo (OMG & Kaleidoscope). It kind of makes up for missing out on those 2 collections. The mani. is 2 layers of Orly Nail Amour (which I got on sale for $3.99!!) then 2 coats of 3D Fantasy and 1 layer of top coat. :) I was debating whether to do a black crackle over and tested with my nail wheel, but my mom doesn't like the crackle effect haha! But I'll post that later.

Last thing on my agenda for today, I recently got an email from Sara about The Fresh Air Fund. The Fresh Air Fund is in need of host families for this summer. Host families are volunteers who open their hearts and homes to children from the city to give them a Fresh Air experience that can change lives. If you could help to get the word out it would really help us place these wonderful children into a loving host family. It's only for up to two weeks, but it's an experience that can change their lives forever.

hope you enjoyed,
and happy polishing! :)


  1. that polish is so pretty!

  2. those artist really amazed me and that color looks really pretty on you!!

  3. Silence is Loud: I totally agree with you there! I was soo mesmerized and there was a big crowd around the guy even though the spray paint smelled bad! A lot of people also donated money for his art fund as well. :) And thank you! :D♥