April 21, 2011


Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts even though I'm on spring break, I've been trying to work my butt off to make some money. And currently, I'm trying not to buy anymore nail polishes (except for maybe OPI Silver Shatter!) and I'm considering downgrading my nail polish collection. :\

But here's my current nails that I did yesterday night for my friend's party today. You've probably seen floral nails before and I've tried and practiced it and it hasn't come out right so I'm finally happy with how it came out =) I was also inspired by staring at Clara's floral nails which inspired this!

please excuse my dry hands :( I forgot to carry lotion in my bag

The base is Essie Mademoiselle then I made a gradient from the bottom towards my cuticles with NYC Gramercy Glitz, which is a pink pearl based opaque jelly packed with glitters. I did 3 coats of Mademoiselle and about 2-3 layers of Gramercy Glitz. I did a flower with NYC Long Time Lavender and the leaves are made with LA Colors Light Green nail art color and then traced everything with Kiss Nail Art in Black.

hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. oh my, you free hand very well!!! I love this.

  2. Tara: Thank you! :) I've practiced this a few times but it doesn't come close to this. Maybe it was because I really wanted to do it right and I kept staring at the picture of Clara's floral nails. :D

  3. Very pretty! I love the flower accent over the subtle pink.

  4. Megan: Thank you! :) I really am proud of this one♥

  5. very pretty!! I need silver shatter too! omg downgrading!:-( what are you gonna do to downgrade?

  6. DeeSquared: Thank you!

    Shadow: Yeah! I'm probably going to give some away that are free; but pay for shipping {small or medium sized priority mail box} only to people within the US and find some to sell for low prices. :\ I haven't fully decided yet though.