April 8, 2011

Bringing It Back

Hey all! I hope everyone's doing well. I have awesome news.... I think I did good on both my exams today! :) Last month, I wanted to bring back a color that I feel I could've done a better swatch with. I guess it was because my nails were short in the picture like most of my pictures I've posted in the beginning of my blogging experience, but I've grown fond of having long nails and can't think of any color that would look nice on me with short nails. So when I had my long nails, I wanted to give Chanel Riva another chance and here it is. I hope you like it and I have a comparison post coming up (as soon as my nails grow a bit longer).

The mani. displays 3 coats of Chanel Riva and 1 layer of top coat. It's a light pastel baby blue creme with a blue shimmer which isn't overpowering.

Hope you enjoyed & happy polishing!


  1. Such a pretty colour! I agree, everything looks nicer on longer nails :) Mine just always break before I can swatch enough of my polishes haha xxx

  2. Love this colour!



  3. Emma Greenwood: I totally know how you feel! My nails are still in the process of growing but they still look like nubbins! :(

    Paulina: Thank you! :)

    Terri: Thanks and I'm definitely checking out your blog ;)

  4. wow beautifull color <3 and i like your blog

    check mine if you have time ^_~


  5. AmysBeautyWorld: Thanks and I'll check yours out and follow =)