April 22, 2011

Camo Loco

Today's a green swatch day :) It's Oke Doke Camo Loco, which is a fine light forest green shimmer. The swatch was 2 coats and 1 layer of top coat. I actually like this color and I was really curious since I haven't seen that many colors like this one. It applied evenly and good drying time as well. Formula was good, not too thick and not too thin nor watery. The best thing about it, it was $1.99 at Rite Aid =)

hope you enjoyed & happy polishing


  1. Very nice the name fits it well

  2. Toesthattwinkle!: Thanks =)

    BeauxsMom: Thanks! And that's partially why I got it haha since it fit so well with the color.

    L: thanks :D