April 26, 2011


So today's post is about a new brand to me, or so I thought! One day when I was getting off of work, some guy put out a table full of nail polish on the streets for $2 a bottle. And in NYC, there's always fold out tables full of things people are trying to sell, whether it be jewelry, sun glasses, scarves, t-shirts, cell phone cases, etc. So this was so new to me seeing someone sell nail polish on the street. I thought I bought Kleancolor but when I was swatching these yesterday on a nail wheel I looked at the bottle and said what the hell is Klassicolor?! LOL. But I looked online and the colors are the exact same as Kleancolor, right down to the number and name.

I picked these 3 out so fast the guy was so surprised haha! I guess my nail polish browsing skills came in handy! My favorite is Aurora (pictured left) which is the first bottle I grabbed =)

below is a picture of the bottles, LOL.

nail wheel swatches, YAY!
so here is the names & number of layers going from left to right
• Aurora #26 - light barbie pink base with iridescent round & star glitters - 2 layers
• Blue Satin #37 - dark blurple base with silver shimmer and strand glitters - 3 coats (could do 2 also)
Holo Blue #135 - light blue with dispersed holographic shimmer (slightly) - 2 coats

Hope you all enjoyed and happy polishing :)


  1. Umm...wow. LOL The colors are pretty, though. And for 2 bucks, you can't really go wrong.

  2. I actually saw a whole rack of non-Kleancolors at a store downtown (that also sold Kleancolors) and the sales assistant told me it was by the same company, but with better formula. The bottles - like the ones in your post - were only slightly different, but the colors were exactly the same. Can't remember the name though.

  3. What a funny story. At least the shades were cheap and pretty! Love that first one (:

  4. Megan: LOL I know! I didn't even realize until I was going to swatch ^____________^;;

    ABOP: Really? Because when I was swatching, it kinda smelled bad coming from the bottle compared to other brands that I've used while swatching. :X

    Pan: I know :) I'm pretty happy they are exactly the same thing as Kleancolor.. or what it seems on the website haha.

  5. HAHAHAA! how funny! they're totally jocking Kleancolor. haha the polishes are pretty though~

  6. Katrina: I know it's funny :P And I do love the colors minus the smell :x

  7. man, I need to get some of these for frankening. Do they smell as horrid as kleancolor?

  8. Scandalous: I don't know if they smell as horrid as Kleancolor since I don't own any :X (sorry I'm no help on that) but I haven't seen the guy selling them after that day. =\

  9. How funny! I just got off the phone with my cousin in NYC and she said, "I am looking at this guy selling nail polish here on the sidewalk for $2. I thought of you. You want me to buy some and send it to you?"

    I said yes...She is picking and choosing and told me it's a surprise. Can't wait!

    The colors you got look wonderful.

  10. Carina: That is hilarious! I've only seen the guy once though. I'm sure its the same guy haha. Thank you! :)