November 22, 2011

Da Bush or Mine

Hello everyone! Today's post features 2 Essie polishes, like the previous SaQu post, I got these also at the fair - 3 for $10! Sweet deal haha♥ But the bad thing was that there was a little selection and most of the colors didn't have stickers and were neutral and pale pinks. 

This is Essie Da Bush which is a light pale green creme and it's shown in 2 coats. =) I looove the color and it looks better IRL, its just that my camera sucks lol. 

Essie Your Hut or Mine is a strawberry pink with silver shimmer and it's shown in 2 coats as well. :)

Thanks for stopping by and happy polishing! :)


  1. I thought I'd filled my lemming for Da Bush with OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel but seeing this I haven't! Back on the wishlist it goes!

  2. Wow, they're both beautiful on you, but you make Your Hut Or Mine a stunner! I'm almost tempted to get it :)