November 20, 2011

Two-fer! #635 & #797

Hello everyone! Today's post is a two-fer! I got these two polishes at an Italian fair in Manhattan, which occurs every year in September and there's one in Brooklyn as well but they don't have a cosmetics tent :P So I got these two SaQu polishes to show you. 

SaQu #635 is a sheer light cornflower blue with orange-red-pink shimmer, which is shown in 3 coats. I love the color in the bottle but it came out so sheer :( 

Here is #635 layered over China Glaze Shower Together and China Glaze First Mate. It does look WAY better layered and it's definitely meant for that haha!

SaQu #797 is a light coffee brown frost with rose pink shimmer and this is shown in 4 coats O__O. It's a cute color and it reminds me of Misa Teddy Bear that I had a LOONG time ago. :P If I still had Teddy Bear, I'd probably do a comparison.

Thanks for stopping by and happy polishing! :)


  1. Oh my god! The blue lacquer on the second photo is lovely. I observe:)

  2. I got some of those SaQu polishes years ago when I visited NYC and it was in a tent! I believe it was around August when I went so I'm wondering if it was the same festival. It was definitely in Manhattan. I love those bottles though. There is so much polish in them!

  3. cheneelle: I know! Definitely want to see how it looks layered over other colors :P

    Jill: The one I go to in September is in Little Italy, I'm not sure if that's the one you went to :P The only one I know in August is in Brooklyn, but they never have any cosmetic tents, only games.

  4. I probably went to the one in Little Italy. I probably was there late August/early September. I'll have to go again sometime! I remember seeing a ton of cosmetics in a tent and I regret not buying more!

  5. That first color is stunning both on its own and layered!