September 4, 2010

Fast like Flash!

So I received my Barielle package today, so unexpectedly quick! I ordered it on Thursday and got it today. AWEEESOME. (except that they didn't have June Bug on the site, bummer).

Group picture!!

Group 1 (left to right) - Falling Star, Myrza's Meadow, Blackened Bleu, A Bouquet for Ava and Slate of Affairs

Group 2 (left to right) - Swizzle Stix, Decadence, Belly Dance, Uninhibited and Lava Rock

Which ones would you like to see me swatch first? :) Comment!
hope you enjoyed,


  1. Ohh Falling Star, A Bouquet for Ava, Decadence, Lava Rock

  2. OOH! pretties! and so dang fast! and.. any of them; swatch, swatch, swatch! haha =P

  3. HappytPumpkin: no problem! I should be swatching them tonight/tomorrow & it'll be my next post. :)
    Katrina: I know! They sent it via Fedex :) LOL alright

  4. Evil Angel: Haha it is really pretty :)
    ThRiSzHa: Thanks! =)<3