September 14, 2010


Today's a swatch + nails day. :) I've thought about my collection and I realized that I didn't have any dark purples (excluding Catrice Poison Me, Poison You because this was before I got it). And so I found myself picking up a bottle of this Essie (below) at the nail supply store.

Essie Sexy Divide
deep purple shimmer. The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. Very beautiful and easy to apply. LOVE IT!

This is Essie Sexy Divide and Revlon Glitters Star. Star is a clear base with purple and silver glitters. This definitely reminds me of stars and the night sky! :P

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I'm totally excited and I added 2 more things into the giveaway :)

hope you enjoyed,


  1. That's such a pretty purple! Your swatches make me want to go out of my usual pastel shades lol But I don't know when I'll be able to ever bring myself to get darker shades xD

  2. Mandy: You can try getting out of your comfort zone of pastel colors and try darker colors once in a while. You never know how it'll look unless you try. I've always avoided red because it reminded me of "old lady/grandma" colors but it's not bad when I wear them, especially on my toes. My aunts commented on my toes when I wore China Glaze Ruby Pumps and they said that my toes can work with any color :) So sometimes you can go a little risky with colors! I'd definitely like to see how it'll work for you!

  3. Great layering! Sexy Divide is wonderful on its own but the glitter on top really adds a nice touch.

  4. KarenD: Thanks! I've recently been trying to do more different things especially layering because I've mostly been doing swatches. Glitter top coats does wonders on plain manicures! :)