September 29, 2010


Today's a new type of manicure that has been popular and done by many nail bloggers. But here's my take on it. This is my first Ruffian Manicure. A Ruffian manicure is basically a french manicure except it's been revolutionized so that the tips are actually at your cuticles and you're using various colors rather than the "French" pinks and neutrals with white lined tips at the end of your nails.

First, I did a regular manicure for the base of the manicure and it's the color that you want to be showing as the "tip." For my first Ruffian, I used OPI Teal The Cows Come Home, a shimmery teal. I did two layers of Teal the Cows Come Home over my base coat and put one layer of Seche top coat over.

I then used Duri Midnight Blues and started lower than my cuticles so that the base color would be seen as well as the second color. Midnight Blues is a medium Sapphire blue with orange/pink/red and silver glitters. I suggest you use only one coat for your secondary color or else it'll look thick between your base and secondary color. After that, I topped it off again with Seche top coat and tadaaaaa~! :)

Have you tried the Ruffian Manicure? If so and you would like to show off your Ruffian Manicures, I would love it if you'd email me your pictures, list the nail polishes you used and your blog link and it will be featured in my next blog post! :)
What do you think of the Ruffian Manicure?
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Love the color combo. I haven't tried the ruffian, but maybe I'll try it.

  2. oh, how pretty! the colors are so cute together~

  3. Very pretty. I think I need to try a ruffian mani

  4. haha i'm rocking the ruffian right now too (:
    this looks good on you :D

    - kathy ♥

  5. Mocha Mish Mash: Thanks! :) You should, it's something new and a new experience.

    Katrina: Thanks! Haha I actually bought both of them and got home and was like, I want to do something with both. I thought, I haven't done Ruffian so I did that! I didn't really have trouble picking which would be the base since the Duri had glitters!<3

    Twister: Thanks! :)
    Jackie S.: Thank you<3
    Kathy: Thanks<3 What color combination did you do? If you don't mind sharing & picture? :D